Thursday, March 13, 2014

Antique Heaven

One morning last weekend I woke up to this vision out my front door...amazing colors that nature creates...I believe she must be the ultimate quilter!

 Out the back door I took a photo of Black can see the giant crater in the middle section of the photo.  I am truly blessed to be surrounded by the most beautiful creation that nature provides.

 HH and I decided to head over to Redmond Oregon which has become the hub for all things antique.  There are at least a dozen stores in the downtown area alone.  I found the washboard with the print New York City which is where I lived as a baby.  HH liked the wringer section of an old washer and decided our laundry room could use a some theme decorating.  We still need to hang it up but due to its weight...we gotta find the studs.

I decided to add an old Clabber Girl tin to my bottle collection in the kitchen.

 And...I used to own one of these but in the many moves seem to have lost found another type set drawer.  HH cleaned and stained it for me and I already have moved some of my little things onto the shelves.

I took some photos as we went from shop to shop and if you are ever in the area you must make some time to visit Redmond...not only does it have a great quilt store but the antique stores are wonderful!
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  1. I think somewhere I still have that Singer accessory set from my mom.....

  2. Himself and I used to love to visit antique malls and bring home treasures! He liked collecting things in sets--so for instance we have the whole set of washboards: Silver King, Glass King, etc etc. I had some of those type drawers, too, but sadly they were sold before the move. I hope they are bringing joy to someone now!

  3. Thanks for taking us along...loved your finds!!

  4. I love the Farms Co-op Antique Store. And I really like those puppies. I think the "No peein off the porch" could be a good one for your back patio for Enzo. Ha ha...well..he may not think so. Thanks for sharing. Love your purchases - we have similar styles.

  5. Great way to spend the day, love the stores, lots of great goodies.


  6. I had no idea Redmond was such a fun antique place, Anna! I think Mr. Squash would love the sign about "activity" off the porch!

  7. Thanks for introducing a new antique destination to me. You have some great new goodies to enjoy.

    What is the wording on the picture with the bird? The glare on the glass hides the last line, Be Yourself Everone Else....?

  8. I so wish my husband enjoyed going to antique stores! I used to have to of the typeset drawers that I got from the local newspaper when we lived in a very small town. I gave them to my daughters some years ago when I got tired of dusting them but now I wish I had one of them back! blessings, marlene