Friday, March 7, 2014

A Week in Review...

Wow, it is hard to believe we are already winding up the week!  Are you feeling like time is just zipping by?!  So much to do this weekend!  Next Wednesday Robin and I leave for the Empty Spools Seminar and ROAD TRIP!!!  We have plotted out our travels and plan on taking the quilt stores by storm but in the mean time I still have stitching to do!

This weeks movie is fantastic!  In fact I haven't seen a wonderful, feel good movie in a long time.  Morgan Freeman uses the English language like a beautiful poet.  No murders, no screaming, no terrorist...just a wonderful human interest story.  Both HH and I loved it!  I discovered it on Netflix.

With that said....the book I am reading is filled with suspense and crazies.  But, that is what Jonathan Kellerman is all about.  I like his characters, a psychologist and police detective which appear in every book...and all the twist and turns.  A fast read...which I need because Wild is just not grabbing me like I had hoped...but I am still reading it.

The Junierberries met yesterday and had a guest!  Wish I had brought Enzo...I am sure he would have been smitten!

Nola made this wonderful minki blankie and aren't the elephants adorable!

With all the fun conversations going on around the table I came away with the understanding that quilters are always worried about the Y2K of the quilting world!  That moment in time when there is a tear in the fabric of time and you can't get the products you love.  We all...have that product we can't live without...sacre blu!

One of the Fabric Stalkers has been hauling her much loved strip cutter to every retreat...then yesterday one of the Juniperberries also was touting the perfection of this tool...and she has a brand new one hidden away in case...yes, in case they don't make them anymore!  Now I know she isn't the only one with this mind set...we all are worried about that perfect piece of fabric that won't be printed...or our much loved thread...or...I can only use this certain kind of needle so I had better buy 10 packs...just in case they stop selling them.  You know who you me you stock piled the Steam a Seam 2 Lite...and where did it get where because they stopped making it!!!

The next item that came into the room was this cutter because it cuts so much better than the rotary cutter...Well, if I only changed my blade once in a while maybe my rotary cutter would cut!  But, noooo I don't want to change the blade to often because then they might stop making the blade for my cutter...god forbid!  And the question begs to be asked...why am I so cheap about changing my blades.  It is not like I don't buy a pack every time there is a sale.  I must be preparing for the Y2K event in quilting????  We quilters are a quirky mom may have washed and saved plastic bags...but is saving rotary cutting blades any different???

Have a great weekend...hope it includes some sunshine and stitching!  See you back here on Monday!


  1. steam a seam to lite has a shelf life.... meaning after a certain amount of time it does not work..... suggestion: stop sockin it away.

    1. I always use the SS2 in the plastic bags of 8x10 sheets and haven't had any issues but on the roll...definitely has a shelf life. I loved that product!

  2. I loved that movie too - and have the book downloaded but not read yet. :) I read Unknown's comment but I still wish I had some Steam a Seam stockpiled. It might have a shelf life but it seems to be a pretty long one because I still have a little I've been saving for a while now and it worked great today. blessings, marlene

  3. They don't make the strip cutter anymore!!! I am NOT bringing mine to retreats anymore. What if something happens to it? What if someone else takes it home?

  4. Isn't it nice to watch a movie that leaves us feeling good at the end, I am so sick of depressing movies, lol. I read different types of books and I do read his, this week I am catching up on the new clive cussler books.


  5. That movie is on my list. Sounds like we should say "Bunker" instead of studio. Oh my, if I had to go underground, I'd have enough of everything ...they keep coming out with beautiful new fabrics & great gadgets...I'm gonna need a bigger bunker!

  6. Hopefully Steam a Seam will get their paper supply issues worked out and it will be back. One thing I wish I would have hoarded is the plug-in spiral Ott-lite bulb for the floor lamp. After investing so much in the lamp, it makes me angry that they quit making the bulbs--aaargh!