Monday, February 24, 2014

Quilting Lab

Long arm quilters who provide quilting services for those of us who won't, don't or can't quilt our larger quilts are angels...and, once we develop a relationship with a long armer we rarely use anyone else.  They are like the dentist of the quilting world...once you got a good one you never switch, lol.  Recently, I have been approached by different long armers to try out their services.  It is scary but wanting to be able to share what's out there I thought I would take the plunge.  There are a variety of prices, talents, skill levels and schedules.  In our area the two big squeeze times are right before Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and Christmas.  So, it is wise to be in relationship with a couple of different long armers so you can be sure to be on the list!

We are starting the week off with an introduction of a Long Arm Quilter named, Keith...and his wife Linda!  Both Keith and Linda are very familiar with the fiber arts.  Keith in fact had quilts displayed in Man Land at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and Linda has been editing quilting patterns, magazines and books as a career!  He has been long arm quilting for about 3 years and finds that it is another element in his ever growing list of artistic achievements.  Although he leans toward more traditional quilting the modern movement has provided some interesting graphic elements.

In order to make room for the long arm Keith converted a portion of his garage into a bright fun working environment...and of course Frank, the Lab who is his constant companion while quilting was the inspiration for the business.  

Quilting Lab Longarm Quilting Services
883 SE Briarwood Ct.
Bend, Oregon 97702

 Linda has provided him with all the support a fiber artist such as herself can provide.  How many homes do you know of that have 2 sewing rooms beside the long arm room!?

Linda, former editor of Sew News is also leading a Fiber tour to Hong Kong this year and for anyone interested is this American Sewing Guild associated event just click on the link for more info! Sew Much Fun

It seems this couple are living the Fiber Life!

Here is the wedding quilt i finished at the Quiet River Retreat!  Glad it is lets wait and see how the quilting turns out!

Enjoy the slide show of the Quilting Lab!
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  1. Wonderful show and it was fun learning about quilting and the wonderful people who quilt.


  2. What a lovely couple. So nice to see them both have the love of quilting ! Love his work space !

  3. It will be fun to see how your quilt come out! I've used a longarmer in Turlock (Calif) and a local one, but I'm always on the lookout for another option. I'm going to have 6 pinwheel quilts to have done, after all...

  4. What a nice work space. I think your lovely quilt is in good hands. :-)

  5. You are absolutely right when you talk about the relationship we keep with a longarm quilter! The one I know here in Greece saved me from too much work with hand quilting! Your quilt is very beautifull!

    1. Thank you! I am not fond of batiks but I know my nephew and his future wife will love it!

    2. This is funny, I am as well not fond of batiks but I did one double size blue and white for my son in Chicago!
      I will ask him some pictures so that It post them on my blog.

  6. What a great workspace they have. I love the clock on the wall, do you have any closer pictures of it. Their whimsy with the doors hiding the heating is a genius idea. I'm sure they will do a lovely job with your baby.

  7. With all the attention to detail your quilt will be beautifully quilted as well as nicely pieced. Great photos!

  8. Nice colourful space to be creative!! Can't wait to see what he does!!

  9. What a great quilting space they have--I'm sure your quilt will be lovely when it's done!

  10. I remember Linda from when she was editor of Sew News - back in the day when I did clothes sewing - good to know she's still in the industry - great studio!

  11. Terrific slideshow! Loved the very well done photos. You are such the artist in creating your story lines in your Smilebox shows. Thanks!!