Monday, February 10, 2014

Perfect Quilt Retreat

What is the perfect retreat???  For the Fabric Stalkers it is one that includes girlfriends, fabric, music, food, wine, more fabric, diet coke, Val's brownies...and now, we are adding snow!  And lots of it!!  We seem as a group to have unusual events surrounding our retreats...this time we are adding the biggest snow storm since the winter of '92-'93!  Being on the river with the snow falling provided us with a beautiful landscape which to view while sewing...which explains why Cakers sew'd her finger. She was probably looking out the window while piecing 100 miles and hour!  It is an unusual group of quilters...the Fabric Stalkers.  We have been together since about 1994...made up of nurses and doctors.  At this retreat we had 2 doctors and 4 nurses including the victim of sewing machine abuse.  It sounds awful...the sewing of a finger. But, with so many medical people in one spot there was adequate support.  The funny thing about this is most of our sewing supplies include old needle drivers, hemostats, rat tooth tweezers....more than adequate tools to perform medical procedures.  The needle went through the finger at the lower nail edge and came out the top...thread and all!  Sorry if you are squeamish.  True to form, she was back quilting the next day after her dressing change...yes, our retreats are definitely not for the faint of heart!

The snowfall was amazing as you can see in this photo of Val waving from her car!

This is the first of a couple of slide shows of the retreat.  If you have a chance, there is no better way to create quilt memories than at a quilt retreat with girlfriends!

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