Monday, February 10, 2014

Perfect Quilt Retreat

What is the perfect retreat???  For the Fabric Stalkers it is one that includes girlfriends, fabric, music, food, wine, more fabric, diet coke, Val's brownies...and now, we are adding snow!  And lots of it!!  We seem as a group to have unusual events surrounding our retreats...this time we are adding the biggest snow storm since the winter of '92-'93!  Being on the river with the snow falling provided us with a beautiful landscape which to view while sewing...which explains why Cakers sew'd her finger. She was probably looking out the window while piecing 100 miles and hour!  It is an unusual group of quilters...the Fabric Stalkers.  We have been together since about 1994...made up of nurses and doctors.  At this retreat we had 2 doctors and 4 nurses including the victim of sewing machine abuse.  It sounds awful...the sewing of a finger. But, with so many medical people in one spot there was adequate support.  The funny thing about this is most of our sewing supplies include old needle drivers, hemostats, rat tooth tweezers....more than adequate tools to perform medical procedures.  The needle went through the finger at the lower nail edge and came out the top...thread and all!  Sorry if you are squeamish.  True to form, she was back quilting the next day after her dressing change...yes, our retreats are definitely not for the faint of heart!

The snowfall was amazing as you can see in this photo of Val waving from her car!

This is the first of a couple of slide shows of the retreat.  If you have a chance, there is no better way to create quilt memories than at a quilt retreat with girlfriends!

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  1. Well, if you get stuck in the snow, what better place than a retreat of quilters, lol. Glad you were able to get home and hope you feel better soon.


  2. Wow! That's a lot of snow! I bet it made the retreat all the more cozy! Glad you gals had so much fun and only one injury... I'm glad she is a strong person... I know plenty who would have fainted after that happened...

  3. One word OUCH!

    I'm hoping the injured person isn't left handed and that it heals well. A friend did something similar in October but she had acrylic nails on so it didn't penetrate as badly.

  4. That happened to one of "my" quilters at class one night--except that the needle broke off in her finger! She was pretty stoic about it and once we got the finger bandaged, she changed the needle and kept on sewing! I worry more about rotary cutter accidents. It looks as if it was a perfect weekend for a retreat--the snow just adds to the fun. Not to mention the exercise involved in shoveling out, oh yeah...

  5. Thanks for sharing photos of all those beautiful projects. It's SO nice to be able to sew to your heart's content...I remember my mother sewing into one of her fingers one time and she was a brave cookie! Didn't say much about it and just carried on. (Both her parents were doctors!!!) Last retreat I was on 3 of us went happily walking in the woods and all of us came back with a tick each! We also had a doctor there and she helped dig out those disgusting bugs...

  6. I sewed my finger during a quilt class a few years ago. The needle entering my finger didn't hurt but the injection to numb my finger so the MD could remove the needle hurt like the devil. I've been careful ever since! I hope your friend's finger is OK.

  7. When you are sewing with your friends... you can sew & laugh the weather away! Sounds like you all had a great retreat! We have a huge amount of snow also.