Thursday, February 13, 2014

No Brain Quilt Day

Doing the happy dance, my cold is a thing of the past.  I guess laying around and being "quiet" paid off!  HH and I spent the day in the sewing room...him doing paperwork and me sewing.  It was a "no brain, Quilt Day."  Nothing that required points to meet or flipping the reverse image...just a great no brain project.  Valori Wells published some great little project cards, one of which was for place-mats.  Since I had left over fabric from my Bridgetown quilt I decided to make some place-mats for the Portland digs.  2 sets of 4.  Bridgetown as Portland is known has 8 bridges crossing the 2 rivers that border it...and soon there will be a 9th!  Bridgetown part of the Waterfront line by Violet Craft of Portland was purchased last year at the Stitchin' Post and is finally being put to good use!

Now that I am back on my feet life will be busy the next couple of day but I have high hopes of putting block #2 of my Halloween quilt together.  AND...I have got to get a Feb. UFO done...time is a ticking so get a stitching (I totally crack myself up...I should be a poet, LOL) and I will be distracted on Friday...Valentine's Day!!!  

But really....


  1. I am glad you are feeling better, now you can relax and work on some projects before you go full steam ahead, again;)


  2. love the placemats! esp. the one on the right!

  3. Glad you are feeling better. Fun and easy no stress projects are just the ticket!

  4. Easing your way back into productivity! Sometimes low-stress projects are just fun to do. As a rest from the prepping for my high-intensity week ahead, I've been sewing on the pinwheels. Gee, I'd love to have one as an FO soon!! However, there are still 150 blocks hiding out somewhere, so that may not happen!