Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Doing the happy dance because my cold is a virus of the past!  To celebrate I had a facial with 
Traci at Sweetease
550 SW Industrial Way, Bend, OR 97702
(541) 388-8266

if you have never treated yourself to a "real" facial you are missing an experience that can change the way you view yourself!!!! :) And Traci is not only one of the sweetest people I know but the facial...OMG...I fall asleep every single time.  I am not kidding you!

Here is a photo of HH and I.  I have the key to his heart and he is a prisoner of my love, LOL.

After the facial with Traci and a haircut with Angela (same location) I felt like a new woman.  Off to Linda's,  who hosts a stitching group at her home once a month.  It seems in the nooks and crannies of Central Oregon there are groups of women stitching together, sharing , talking and just have to find them.  Linda's sewing room was wonderful and the creations that are birthed there are amazing. It is not only filled with projects but the collections she loves.  I am reminded of a secret tree house filled with all the special things in ones life.  It has been a while since I have posted a sewing room slide show so you are going to enjoy this one!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day I love being connected to quilters around the world, sharing, laughing and creating.  You are important and I am glad you are here! See ya back on Monday!

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  1. So glad you are feeling good and able to get out. My facial includes hot water on the face, lol. Linda's home is beautiful and I love how she decorates the rooms.


  2. Wow, what a great way to prep for Valentine's Day.

    What a gorgeous sewing room, I'd be afraid to sit on that sewing room sofa for fear of damaging it, she does exquisite work. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Have a lovely evening with HH.

  3. wow, that's an amazing room, just loved it all!

  4. Lovely studio Linda has...and she is multi-talented! How fun to be in that room and get inspired to always have a project at hand. BOM are a challenge to keep up with I'm learning...Have a sweet weekend with your Sweetie!

  5. Wowzer--awesome sewing room! I think I better spend the day trying to make my disaster area look cute--haha! Glad you are feeling better--your little valentine figures are adorable!

  6. Definitely raised the bar on sewing room options. Just incredible! Can you explain, please, what a stitching pillow is and where one might find a pattern?

    1. Hi Kathlene, the stitching pillow is to rest your stitching on while stitching and support better posture. It allows you more comfort and longer periods of stitching. The pattern is at Sew Many Quilts and can be ordered. The link is on the left side of the blog under local quilt shops...just tell them I sent you! :)