Monday, February 3, 2014

City Life to the Wilds of Central Oregon

Our well is full of the city life and we are heading back to the wilds of Central Oregon, lol.  I finished hand stitching one of my wool borders this past week and am ready to prep the next border for my retreat hand project!  Yes, it is already that time...Quiet River Retreat 2014 is starting this week!!!  I have projects already lined up for this vigorous, powerful work out!  They should do a reality show about quilt retreats...can you see it now?  Fabric flying, the tossing of sharp objects, the crying...the drama!!!  We'll call it "Quilting, Surviving the Eye of the Needle!" 

I had a wonderful weekend filled with family...first was my day with Amaya, my second cousin (the middle daughter of my cousin).  Spending the day one on one with my cousin's 3 daughters is such a gift.  Having raised sons...and having grandsons, being with a young female give me a chance to relive some of my own moments.  We spent the day in the Chinese Garden in Portland.  Celebrating the Year of the Horse!

There was a Chinese graphic artist who painted her name using dragons and peacocks for the letters!

The Lion Dance was exciting and the red lion and white lion danced throughout the garden.

Because it was the Year of the Horse they had a corral set up outside the garden walls with miniature horses...they were adorable and I think Amaya is thinking about her next pet! lol

We celebrated 2 birthdays on Groundhog's Day...HH's and Erin's with family breakfast and as you can see GS#2 thinks he is getting all the grapes!

with the party over and the girls heading home...goodbyes were said...until the next Family breakfast!

Once I arrive at my sewing room I will be hitting the door at a full run!  I have my needle case class tomorrow, and Wed. is the beginning of the Quiet River Retreat and the Sisters Quilt Show Foundation event.  The highlight of the week is the Gallery Show at QuiltWorks will be featuring... 

Anne of Cottons 'n this week will be filled with quilting posts!!!
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