Thursday, February 6, 2014

Burning My Candle From Both Ends...

Do you ever wonder WHY??? you burn your candle from both ends?  As a little girl I drove my father crazy because I wouldn't sleep for fear of missing something exciting.  To this day...I never want to miss  anything and will go and go and go until I collapse!  

We woke up Wednesday morning to a pile of our yard...almost 4-6 inches.  This alone makes the world slow down...walking is done with careful steps, driving at a slower speed...but stuff in the sewing room...full speed ahead!

It was so cold (9 degrees) that Enzo didn't take long to relieve himself...then was banging at the back door...hey, let me in!

Finally packing was done for retreat and I added the most important piece...ibuprofen! lol

No wonder this UFO has taken so long...making the blocks was so satisfying!  But the borders...OMG...the pieces required are a gazillion!!!

  Enzo could tell it was quilt retreat time again and was hoping by throwing himself onto my project I wouldn't go!  Silly boy!

before heading to Bend for the Sisters Quilt Show Foundation event for the volunteers and then retreat I stopped by the Juniperberries for a little stitching and look who showed up...Miss Rosie, has doubled in size!

and Rosie's mama has been working away on an UFO!!!  Yeah for another one bites the dust!!!

Tamra finished her Riley Blake Challenge and the quilting on it is spectacular!

I plugged away at stitching my needle cases...and no, this is not mine but one made by another Juniperberry.  Isn't the stitching fabulous!

by the time I left the Sisters Quilt Show Foundation event and arrived at the Quiet River retreat I was pretty much done...but today is the dawn of a new quilt day and I have got the fever!!!


  1. you go girl!!
    poor Enzo, it's a dogs life for sure, and Rosie she's a sweetheart. have a ball! that off center quilt, just beautiful, but loved the needle case stitching most of all!

  2. I see even snow doesn't slow you down, lol. But, you have a wonderful life filled with exciting adventures and friends.


  3. Your Flower Penny Garden is lovely, I have to get back to that one also. I chose not to get the finishing kit for all the fabric strips but I'll pull from my stash when the time comes.

    Have a great time at the retreat, looking forward to reports along the way,

    Enzo, mama will be home soon.

  4. Have fun at the retreat...poor you!! Love your project!!

  5. With all this snow it will be a fun time to sew and watch it snow outside.
    I probably will not make it to Anne's Featured Friday though, :(