Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wearing My Dunce Cap

How are you all doing with your quilting plan?  Day 16 and I am even more committed...I know, I know it is only day 16 but I am excited that I am still hanging in there!!!  I am actually enjoying my quilting life in an entirely different way...more quiet, more satisfying.  Earlier this week I shared my love of paper class schedules and my bestie from California sent me this video.  If you are concerned as I am and still have a love to the written word on a piece of paper whether it be books, newspapers, class schedules, catalogs or letters...fear not and watch the video!

Yesterday morning  I was greeted by an incredible setting moon.  I had to share it with you.

Are you wondering why the title of this blog post is "Wearing My Dunce Cap?"  Here is the I said, I am going to start working away at several BOM's that I previously purchased.  Some are already in progress and some are yet to begin.  I think I purchased Sew Spooky in 2012 and during the subsequent months I watched (green with envy) as Kim from Kim's Big Quilting Adventure finish her blocks.  I on the other hand decided I couldn't start ANOTHER hand project.  Guess what!!!  It's pieced!...that's right pieced and fused, LOL.  What I also learned is that reading the directions actually helps in completing projects!

...and so, Block One is done!!!  oh yeah, who's your mama!!!  doing the happy dance!

...and I stitched a little spider under the quilt!

Tomorrow I'll be sharing what the Stitch Society is up to at the Stitchin' Post!  Stay tuned!


  1. We are so much alike, I got the new issue of the prim magazine and i am making something from last years issue, lol. I have so many things i wanted to make but no time then, so it will be this year.


  2. ok ....I need to get my eyes tested. I saw "Happy Dance" LOL! I had to scroll back up when I read dunce. (not)
    I have seen that video of the "paperless" society before & laughed out loud! I get caught up in new patterns too, when really I already have so many pages dog-eared. mmmm one of these days :)

  3. Unfortunately the video link didn't come through to me, must be that border issue that it doesn't have its passport. Can you describe it to me so I can try and find it online.

    I also have that Halloween quilt on my to do list. But not right now.

    Looking out at the fog and know that it is sunny at higher elevations.

  4. That quilt is so cute! Well worth having to wear a dunce cap! lol! Loved the paperless video!

  5. Cute, cute spider under the quilt!

  6. Read the directions?! Fancy that - but what ever it takes - keep it up girl......

  7. I love it especially the cool spider!

  8. Yes, it is mostly pieced--but you KNOW I didn't fuse the applique, but that's just me; I'm silly that way--LOL! So yes, I hand appliqued those parts. But here's the other thing: I am in no way done with this quilt. I may have gotten the blocks in the center done, but I haven't even begun the borders. And I actually think I have the two smaller center blocks left to do. So you just might get yours done before I finish mine! Wanna race?!