Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wearing My Dunce Cap

How are you all doing with your quilting plan?  Day 16 and I am even more committed...I know, I know it is only day 16 but I am excited that I am still hanging in there!!!  I am actually enjoying my quilting life in an entirely different way...more quiet, more satisfying.  Earlier this week I shared my love of paper class schedules and my bestie from California sent me this video.  If you are concerned as I am and still have a love to the written word on a piece of paper whether it be books, newspapers, class schedules, catalogs or letters...fear not and watch the video!

Yesterday morning  I was greeted by an incredible setting moon.  I had to share it with you.

Are you wondering why the title of this blog post is "Wearing My Dunce Cap?"  Here is the I said, I am going to start working away at several BOM's that I previously purchased.  Some are already in progress and some are yet to begin.  I think I purchased Sew Spooky in 2012 and during the subsequent months I watched (green with envy) as Kim from Kim's Big Quilting Adventure finish her blocks.  I on the other hand decided I couldn't start ANOTHER hand project.  Guess what!!!  It's pieced!...that's right pieced and fused, LOL.  What I also learned is that reading the directions actually helps in completing projects!

...and so, Block One is done!!!  oh yeah, who's your mama!!!  doing the happy dance!

...and I stitched a little spider under the quilt!

Tomorrow I'll be sharing what the Stitch Society is up to at the Stitchin' Post!  Stay tuned!
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