Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tsunami of Quilting

Yesterday was  an on the go day...and I mean...ON THE GO!  Left the house at 9 am and didn't get home till 5 PM.  To much to share all in one blog because there was a tsunami of quilting going on in Central Oregon!  So, I'll start with the Woolies at QuiltWorks.  This group has been stitching together since the opening of QuiltWorks and it has been a wonderful sharing experience.  Group stitching is so inspiring not only in all the wonderful show 'n tell but the camaraderie and support we have for each other.  We are missing one of our important members but she is using all her energy to recover and come back to us! 

It is a short slide show but fun...also be sure to check out Cottons 'n Wool for what Anne and Blogless Sandy have been up too!  They put the "F" in finish!!!!!

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  1. When you mentioned that you were going to be with the Woolies I decided to work on a wool project here at home...while watching my 9 week old great grandson. What a great idea! I am well on my way to completing my first of a block a month from Raspberry Rabbits. Love to see what all you Woolies are up to.

  2. I do love the dog fabric, that works so wonderfully into a quilt. Also love the snowman projects. Finally taking down my christmas, the house is looking sad and bare, lol.


  3. I'm loving Mary's snowman quilt...TOO cute!! And that No Blog Sandy is one talented why is she blogless??

  4. Great photo of you all on the steps!!