Thursday, January 30, 2014

Time Flying on Thursday!!!

Hard to believe there are only 2 days left in January...time is flying and when you are a Nana...time is counted in the ages of your grandchildren.  This little guy turned 2 this week!!!  How did that happen?

One of the challenges of having my sewing room in Sisters is that I keep forgetting some important items that allow me to work on projects in the that pesky quarter inch did I get so dependent on this tool.  Freezer paper...forgot...which means I could not sew my next Halloween BOM block, drats.  I do have the whole month but thought it would be fun to get it done right away.  At least I cut it out.  Not being able to sew this one block has made me focus on this wall...Since most of my Asian decor has ended up in the city I already have a "modern" type of quilt in mind for this wall to cover up the electric panel but still allow it to be accessible.  Of course the fabrics are in Sisters....hummm...

I did discover a new product at Fabric Depot for fusing my to see if my love affair with Steam a Seam Lite 2 can be surpassed...of course all my wool projects are in you see a theme here!?  I will give an update after I have tried it out.

 I never ceased to be amazed by the sheer volume of fabric at Fabric Depot!

This creation...well it kinda creeped me out!

But, there was a whole carousel of fun sewing theme'd fabric!....none of which I purchased!!!  

...where I did pluck down some change was at 
I needed some fabric for a cross stitch project when I came across this adorable Christmas ornament.  They are so kind and helpful in this shop that I just had to buy something!

See ya here tomorrow...hard to believe it is already Friday!  I have a blog post filled with reviews of books, movies, restaurants and quilting...of course!


  1. Anxious to hear your comments about the Pellon product. I hate it. Didn't even use a half a sheet and threw the whole package away. Want my Steam n Steam back!

  2. I hear you on the 'forgetting things'...thank goodness for my BFF, JoAnn!! She just happens to have EVERYTHING that I forgot...except Valdani!! A trip to Temecula is order!! :o)))

  3. I also did not have a good experience with this Lite easy Steam II Product :-( I hope it works better for you.

    I have been using the Pellon 805 Wonder-Under transfer web and I LOVE IT !

  4. Anna, you need to make yourself a sewing tote to go, get a small tackle box and load it up with things you need in both spots. Then grab is when you are going to Portland.

    You could roll up a pice of freezer paper or fold it, keep your quarter in foot, some pins,needles, scissors, thread and even a wool project or two and you are good to go.

    At Ikea I got a set of three plastic containers that I've got essentials that I leave stored with my traveling sewing machine tote. I have an inexpensive plastic flannel backed table cloth for a portable design wall, the plastic containers, my sewing mat and sewing machine cover along with my Ott light so I'm always good to go.

    Have fun and make yourself a portable sewing room in a tote!

  5. Time does seem to be flying by, but this year it is good, tired of the cold winter, lol. Some of the new fabrics are a bit much and I wish they would layout the designs so we could fussy cut them better.


  6. I look forward to hearing your comments about the Pellon. I usually use Steam a Seam 2 light.
    Also, aren't sock monkeys just creepy anyway????

  7. Happy birthday to your DGS~ such a cutie. I think that sock monkey would give anyone nightmares! ~shudder~ Have a fun weekend!

  8. Sock monkeys give me the willies--that thing was creepy enough till I realized it was a sock monkey, ugh!! I am currently working on getting all my sewing equipment reunited in one place, so I feel your pain! You may want to just leave a few supplies and tools in the city place--or make it a cross-stitch and handwork zone!

  9. Your Grandson and Enzo are so gorgeous together, they look like they are having a heart to heart chat!!! I love Sandi's idea of the tackle box! xo

  10. maybe just buy an extra set of essentials and keep it packed in your car, surely then you could plan out which project to rotate in and out of the car trunk? and just put in your planner, take such and such on the 2nd? etc

    that sock monkey, eeewwwhhhhh!

  11. A friend recommended Shades SoftFuse for wool work. I bought some, but haven't tried it yet. Has anyone used it?

  12. Your grandson looks cute. All your work is also sounds good...

  13. Anna I looked that product up on Amazon because I thought if you bought it I might need to have some too :) - it only had two reviews but both were very critical. I'm saying this because wool is so expensive I know you're like me and try to be careful with it...don't want to waste any! It might be good to try it on something small to see if you like it better than they did. It's hard to judge based on reviews when there are so few and I always like to test things for myself anyway. Please let me know if you like it. I too use Steam A Seam II Lite but it doesn't always stick as good as I'd like and it sometimes seems to gum up my needle. I'd love to find something I like more. blessings, marlene

  14. Did Steam a Seam stop making their product? Can't find it anywhere. How do you like the Pellon product??