Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stitches in Bloom

Since we were heading over the mountain to Portland I was alerted to a quilt show on the way!  Stitches in Bloom held each year at the Oregon Garden in Silverton.  As soon as I walked in the center I ran into fellow Oregon quilter and Woolie reader, Jenny!  Quilting/Blogging does make the world so much smaller.  And, it is a treat for me to run into fellow addicts! lol

The show was in a wonderful setting, allowing one to walk around the gardens and take in natures quilts...then head inside and see the creations of fellow quilters.  Definitely a show which is more Artistic...which is in my mind different than Modern.  There were a few traditional quilts and of course a place for the vendors!

I have heard of quilt group in Central Oregon heading to the Oregon Gardens for their retreats.  They have lodging and a place to sew!  Something to think about in the future.

After the show we were making our way by back road to Portland and decided to have lunch in Mt. Angel.  Neither of us had been to this little German inspired hamlet.  HH accuses me of using Enzo much like a stage mom uses their kids...but really, he is so perfect in the way he engages the world around him.   I am not sure if Enzo is talking to the gentleman...or if the gentleman said something to him?

Be sure to pour yourself a cup of coffee before starting the slide show and Enjoy!!!

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  1. Yes Anna! Great to have seen you at the Oregon Garden show. Loved the colorful quilts and wall hangings...SO many talented quilt artists! The Wild Hare was a scrumptious find adding to my wool collection nicely... :0)

  2. Thank you for taking all of these pictures at the show to share with us ! AMAZING QUILTS !

  3. I love Enzo's interaction with the gentleman, great photo Anna.

    Looks like a great quilt show also, I enjoyed meeting Cathy in July, she has wonderful wares.

    Thanks for sharing the show for those who couldn't be there.

  4. That photo is so funny, would love to know what Enzo is thinking, lol. Wonderful quilt show, lots of beautiful art pieces.


  5. love the couple Enzo was nice enough to chat with!
    great box, the quilts are all amazing, lots of foxes too, it seems.

  6. The art quilts are amazing! I wonder if some of them were influenced by Katie Pasquini Masopust? I could look at those quilts for hours - need to do something like that - or at least try! Thanks for putting them all together for us. Love the Enzo photo.

  7. Wow! Just like being there--thanks!

  8. I went to the show too!!! Lovely!! AND, I may enter a couple quilts next year and my husband and I may stay at the lodge for a couple nights if there are rooms available!! Very fun!!! Thanks for the picture show!!!