Monday, January 6, 2014


True to my word for 2014 I feel quiet...more peaceful, less worry...although being a die hard worry wort about everything, I know it will be a constant challenge to remember my word...quiet.  I do see more naps in my future, lol.

The world seems upside down weather wise and our local ski resorts are not happy.  Although the view is spectacular!  Yesterday morning this was life in Sisters...

My youngest son and DIL who are currently living in Illinois woke up to this...look at how many inches are on the table and chairs!

The Fabric Stalkers got together at Robin's house on Saturday for a little stitching, a lot of talking and a group session to discuss the classes we will be taking at the 2014 Quilter's Affair which is the week long workshops and classes held just before the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  Yes, registration has already started and if you don't get them in fast the classes fill up, and is boo hoo time.  

Have you been making a list of what is on your agenda in 2014?  I am a list maker (although I lose them) and a goal setter (I am not a good goalie).  I like the dream sequence of year long plan...although the plot thickens usually by the second week in January and then we are off and running.  But, this my year of Quiet.  Being OK with who I am...and when little Miss Judgement comes out...I intend to slap her back!!!

It is a short slide show today...but, oh is it a beauty!  Enjoy!

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