Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Plotting and Planning...

I am truly amazed at how my quilting plan for 2014 is progressing.  So far the only hiccup is trying to figure out how to get to Primitive Gathering so I can purchase something from them...sigh :( But I am feeling like a person in control.  Making handmade gifts this year is on my top 5 things to do this year and so far I am creating a little pile!  I mailed off my first fabric postcard.  Have made several birthday pillow cases and an apron.  I am taking advice from Anne of Cottons 'n Woolens.  She has always been a handmade gift giver but by the end of the year is stressed with deadlines.  So this year she is making gifts every Christmas she will be the Queen of Serene.  ME TOO!  When I grow up I want to be like Anne :). 

To help with this plan I signed up for a wool needle case class with Tamra at the Stitchin' Post.  It is so cute and I thought it would make a sweet useful gift for someone special.   Being able to walk to class is like the cherry on a sundae!  The walk  over was snow but frost clinging to the trees.  It was so beautiful.

This class was great because you didn't have to bring any fabric...a small kit was made up to start with.

a couple of samples that Tamra had ready for viewing.  She is not only talented but well organized which you don't always get with some instructors.

The inside has wool for needle care, pockets for little scissors and threaders.

First class, we needed to prep our cover.

I purchased this awesome ribbon at the vendor mall in France when we attended the Patchwork L'Europe.  I am so happy to be using it!!!  Our next two meetings we will be learning and practicing specialized stitches.  

So far, I am batting 100...both classes this year have not resulted in a UFO!!!  Alleluia!!!  Anyone else signed up for classes this year???

Today is a busy day...Enzo gets his teeth cleaned...shhhhh I haven't told him yet and tonight I head over to the East of the Cascade Quilt Guild to enjoy some show 'n tell!  Have a great hump day!


  1. Your needle case will indeed be a special gift. You go girl...

  2. It is interesting that they have you sew the ribbon on the spine ?before stitching the pages. My friend Uschi makes her cover and when it is finished machine sews her pages in and then uses the ribbon to cover the seam.

    Me, I hand stitch my pages with perle cotton that match the cover colour.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

    That frosted tree looks amazing!

  3. What a fun little project. The stitches on the demo one are awesome! I love your ribbon. Have a happy day!

  4. Make sure you get to Primitive Gatherings. I was lucky enough to make the trek a coupleof years ago. Plan to spend the day and won't believe all the yummy stuff in Lisa's shop. It's the best!

  5. That is a wonderful case and a good idea for a gift. We are always making something, so if we make one small item a week, we have a pile of presents;)


  6. I surely do miss the snow and frost and cold weather! I seem to need a "winter chill" to be able to bloom in the spring--and this year, I'm as parched and dry as my state! Oh well. Your project looks like fun! I'm looking forward to being able to sew again soon...

  7. Primitive Gatherings is on mu bucket list! blessings, marlenne

  8. A quilt shop within walking distance--how awesome is that? Your ribbon is so cute and perfect with the circles! I have a friend doing Sue's last year's BOM and it has been so fun to see the amazing stitches--I'm looking forward to seeing more of yours.

  9. Your needlecase class sounds like fun and it looks great.

  10. It would be really hard for me to stop ordering from Primitive Gatherings. I really like that site!

    1. oh believe is painful but another blog reader told me that they are coming to Portland for the show in August!!!! I am saving up my pennies!

  11. boy that is a frosty tree. love that little needle book. the bee in the circle is cute.

  12. Anna,
    Primitive Gatherings is going to be in Portland, August 14-16. How about that, they are coming to you!