Monday, January 20, 2014

My Cup Runneth Over

This weekend was one that songs were written about!  At least by a singing quilter! lol  Way too much activity for one'd have to have a liter of coffee in order to get through it all so I am dividing it up between 3 blogs.  

On Sat. we got together with a group of neighbors for a shared meal and camaraderie.  I decided, as usual to attempt to make something I have never made before...and guess what?!  It actually turned out! Both HH and I were shocked, lol.  A sprouted rice/quinoa  dish.  It was simple but delish!  with sauteed almonds, garlic, chopped apricots and curry.  I am definitely making this one again.  I took a photo to commemorate my success!

I had signed up for a Postcard class with Tonye Belinda Phillips and I can tell you it was the most satisfying class I have taken!  Why you ask?  Because I actually finished the project in the class!  NO UFO!!!  These cards if constructed with cotton can be hand stamped and sent through the mail.  If you add embellishments you must put it in an envelope and send.  It is a quick and totally satisfying project...although, since it was my first time...took me the entire class to make one card.  But, that one card was sooo much fun to make!  I really like the sewline glue pen and it works so well on wool!

The Fast2 fuse is the fusible used in postcard making.

Tonye is a generous supportive teacher.  If you ever have the opportunity to take a Postcard Class you must...and then, send me one! :)

Enjoy the slide show from the class...tomorrow an EPIC slide show...have I got your interest???

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