Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Move 'em, Move 'em, Move 'em Rawhide...

I continue to adjust and exam my 2014 plan and one of the major steps taken was to unsubscribe from all my internet shopping emails...at least for the first 6 months of the year...:)  As I "brick and mortar" shop I am going to be discerning in my purchases.  HH thinks I shouldn't restrict myself (what a guy!) but, I think I have more than enough to keep me busy!

The next step, to let my sewing room know who's boss and start working on some of the BOM's I have around here...as if I am receiving them for the first time!!!  This will help me empty some of my project boxes so I can start new quilts.

The 2014 Flicker site is up and going.  I have just changed the header for the new year but left the 190!!! photos of quilts posted there for encouragement on what was accomplished by the Woolies!!!  I have got the ball rolling with the photo of my first UFO to hit the dust...so join me, leave comments and lets help each other enjoy the year!

Robin came over for a little stitching...love when a girlfriend comes out to play...when she saw my list she about choked!  But she had to admit that I had a whole lot less fabric than she had...oh yeah...feeling kind of smug!  She brought over her latest completed top, and boy is it a beauty!  Here she is taking a closer look at her quilting.

I love how she quilted it!  By approaching the quilt in smaller grids she was able to evenly cover the entire quilt with a variety of motifs.

isn't it lovely?!

Another goal this year is to include handmade gifts for birthdays and Christmas...so I am starting now!  I have my pillow pile going, aprons in the works and now I am attempting to make a big bag.  This pattern and lining fabric should make this project a no brainer...for everyone but me!  So, Robin is giving me a tutorial...what are quilt friends for!

HH and I were discussing how newpapers are becoming a thing of the past.  You rarely see a young adult reading a newspaper.  It is either a tablet or their phone.  But, the thing is... I love reading the paper each morning...and, I especially love a class schedule that is in paper form.  I know it is cheaper to have everything on line...but, how does one circle, scribble or drool over a phone...Wonder what I will be doing this Spring???  Are you signing up for classes at your neighborhood quilt store?


  1. I had a little laugh at you, shopping at Brick & mortar but now you are forgetting the postman, UPS and other crews. I to have a to do list for 2014 I have 6 quilts UFO to finish and 2 cross stitch before I start a new one. . Next week my friends and I are off to Something to Crow about in Springfield Love that store. Enjoy your friends, Sally

    1. I LOVE Something to Crow about!!! Have fun!...i know it is a challenge and that even my local quilt stores need the internet sales but for me…I am gonna try,

  2. Keeping focused on the UFO pile and list is an ongoing task. I'm keeping my list right on my cutting surface...can't ignore it! Robin's quilting is wonderful!

  3. I wish I could tackle mine, but taking a rest day today since I feel better and just need rest without pain. I still love to read books, the pad is nice for trips and games, but that is all I use mine for.


  4. Still trying to get myself fully moved into the new place, but hopeful there WILL be quilting soon. Meantime the knitty WIPs are getting tackled! My class for the year will be my session at Asilomar--always a wonderfully renewing experience!

  5. I'm still trying to get used to the idea that it is 2014! :-o LOL Your friends quilt is lovely. I like newspapers, and books better too. Have a happy day!

  6. I didn't see any classes that I felt compelled to do. What about you?

  7. Your friend did a wonderful job of quilting her quilt.
    I prefer the real paper news too. I LoVe to see what classes I might like to do & putting "flags " on the pages in a magazine of a pattern I might like to try.

  8. Congratulations on your diligence of deleting all those e-mails from online shops. I have to admit I delete most of them before reading them unless I'm seeking inspiration for a particular project...or a fellow blogger mentions something that catches my eye. Not that I'm pointing the fickle finger of fate your way.

    I may have to write a list and see how many I can cross off of mine. Do patterns on hand count?

  9. Thank you so much for supporting local quilt shops. I work in one and know first hand how the internet hurts our business. I also teach classes, so thank you for giving us a shout out!

  10. I joined your Flicker group and posted my two UFO finishes so far. Thanks for the encouragement!

  11. I may have to follow your lead and unsubscribe to my favorite sites--I am powerless to resist a new fabric line or a bargain! I did sign up for the Stitching Society at Grubers, a shop about 90 minutes from my home. It doesn't start until March, so hopefully all the big winter storms will be over--I can't wait!