Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday, A Week in Review!

I shared earlier that Fridays were going to be a week in review...all those things that didn't make it into the blog or needed a second "talk about."  Needless to say it has been a full week in the city.  I have shared with you before that HH is a photographer by talent.  Years ago he even had his photography exhibited at the Carmel Art Museum and we were rarely without a darkroom in our home...but, as with many things in life his love of photography took a back seat and the last 2 places we have lived did not have a dark room.  Enter Joel the DH of a Fabric Stalker and the Buggy Barn Camping trip of 2013.  Much to my delight HH was inspired to pick up the camera again!  You can see some of his photos on

Meet Ed our latest favorite person! He is the owner/chef of Cheryl's on 12th.  HH and I are always on the hunt for great breakfast places wherever we travel...because if a restaurant can pull off a great breakfast you are pretty much guaranteed great lunches and dinner.

They have an in house bakery!  A+

You ask how can I know every baked good is yummy...well, because I had a classic Bran Muffin.  Most of the time a bran muffin is purchased for it's medicinal properties not necessarily because it is thought of as a wonderful pastry choice....if you know what I mean.  But, these bran muffins were so good that 2 yr old Wyatt couldn't get enough of them (sorry parents)  So, I went back the next day and bought 2 more!  They shouldn't  be called Classic because there is nothing dry about them!

The Latte was delish...and every person is served a complementary beignet!  Light, fluffy and melt in your mouth!

HH ordered a 2 egg breakfast...not a very exciting choice. But, he said it was even the traditional breakfast is for me I chose their signature breakfast of Portuguese Fried Rice...OMG...definitely will be back for more!  Be sure to check out the Web Site for their Valentine's Day event!

Also on the agenda was a movie at the Living Room Theater.  You can have dinner and drink with your movie and the seat was wonderful.  We saw "Her" and I would recommend it if you like quirky, thought provoking movies that share an off beat kind of humor.  We both thought it was money well spent.

I started this cross stitch project and have also been working away on stitching wool on one border of the Primitive Gathering 2011 BOW.

This weeks book was a Dean Koontz publication...before you say, no way...I don't do scary...this book is a bit different than some of his books of the past...more along the line of his off beat books with the Golden Retrievers.  For me a good read that kept me reading.

The slide show I have for you today is of the Chinese Gardens in Portland.  It seems as a quilter that you just can't go anywhere without being inspired by quilt patterns!  Enjoy...I have shared a bunch today and hope it hasn't over loaded you, lol.  Have a wonderful weekend and see ya on Monday!
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  1. Wow! That's my kind of breakfast place! Thanks for the inspiration to start reading again too!

  2. Your breakfast looks delish! Yum! ~and so does the latte! Have a happy weekend!

  3. Hmmmm...may need to try that place out. Glad you are having a great time in Portland.

  4. The Chinese Garden looks beautiful! There is a wonderful Chinese Garden at The Huntington in San Marino, and a friend of mine is a docent there. I've learned so much about it from him--I need to check because I remember him mentioning the garden in Portland, too. Maybe I need to visit again since it's the new year again!

  5. Hi Anna! I've been trying to email you most of this morning and my email is being difficult….so before I pull ALL of my hair out, I thought I would ask you my question in this forum - Could you let me know how you like your new iron? I remember you posted about getting one a little bit ago and, as my Oliso iron is slowly dying (and spitting up terribly in the process) I thought you might let me know how your new iron is working for you.
    tfitzleahy at sbcglobal dot com

    Thanks so much!
    PS - Love anything written by Dean Koontz as well!!

  6. I loved seeing Gregs photos, he really should get back into it, he does beautiful photos and love the way he frames the subjects in the stills and landscapes.


  7. Happy New Year Anna, sorry I don't know it Korean.

    Looks like the garden is all dressed up to celebrate my year of the wooden horse!

    I'll have to find that place in Portland the next I go down for a visit it looks great.

    If you ever come to Vancouver B.C. make sure you check out the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden, it was built in 19985-86 and was the first traditional Chinese Garden built outside of China. It is truly a serene place to visit and is in the heart of Vancouver's Chinatown.

    Love the week in review.

  8. My hubby and I will have to visit Cheryl's on 12th. The menu looks fabulous! Thanks for the posting about it.
    PS If you like the Chinese Garden, you will love the Japanese Garden. Beautiful, tranquil, serene.

  9. Lovely photos of the garden and mellow music to accompany them...Worked (played) in my own garden today...a happy place.

  10. We'll definitely give that restaurant a try next time, Anna! Thanks! Have you been to Tasty N Alder on 12th? It's worth going, too!