Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Date Night!!!

Friday night HH decided it was date night!  We decided on a movie...and agreed on August Osage County.  DO NOT go see it if you want to laugh or feel good when you leave the theater.  With that said, the acting was superb BUT, you will not leave feeling good.  When the movie ended you could hear a pin drop...the audience was stunned...and depressed.  Trying to redeem the evening we headed over to the Sisters Art Works where there was a reception and quilt show.  There were two displays and since it was in the Sisters Art Works building we also were treated to even more surprises upstairs.  

It seemed a happen-in' event and I know you will be amazed at the quilts.  The art quilt movement is a little different than the modern quilt movement but are related like relatives from another state, lol.  There were also more whimsical and scenery quilts on exhibit.  You should bookmark the Sisters Art Works to keep track of what is going on in the future!  

Remember you can stop the slide show for a longer look...enjoy!

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  1. So many movies have those kind of endings, I do not watch shows to get depressed, lol. Wonderful quilt show and I do love art quilts, would be fun to just take fabric and build a quilt without thinking about a design, just free form.


  2. WOW! Are those shells hanging underneath the surf quilt?

  3. Thanks for sharing...it's a little dicey to think of driving over the mountains in unpredictable weather. Viewing various types of artwork is always SO inspiring! Love your date night idea...but Bob's in AZ!!!

  4. Just from the previews I've seen, I don't think that movie would be "good" for me. Particularly since the move--I seem to be more fragile emotionally and get teary over the strangest things! But those quilts--ah, to have that kind of a resource nearby would be a fabulous thing!