Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Muses

My gift to all of you is the wish...that you will all read this book.  I am having "ah ha" moments every paragraph and know that if it is singing my song that it might play a tune for you!

I had a conversation with my sis that the only time I really lose my composure ( in tantrum event) is when I feel stupid and usually in the kitchen.  She suggested that whenever I start to lose it that I say, "that is so not like me."  Needless to works!  I have not "lost it" in 2 weeks!!! Even when this ladle jumped out of the pancake bowl and landed on the floor!

...or when I was throwing an egg shell into the sink from the stove and the whole egg in my other hand flew along with it, lol...I am getting closer to finding my 2014 word.

You don't have to have a word...but I have found that choosing a word as a touchstone when things are going crazy can bring you back to a place of peace.  I have been choosing a word each year and found that at my most painful, angry or fearful moments if I bring that word to mind...I feel better.
I have been very behind on my stitchery of the month and had to stop by Sew Many Quilts to pick them up...those sisters, Kathy Schmitz and Bonnie Sullivan have me by the pigtails!  Enjoy the slide show!

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  1. I must check out that book. Oh how I identify with the spoon and egg on the floor AKA egg in face.LOL
    Two words - "Perfectly Imperfect".

  2. hahaha! I've done whacky things like you did with the egg! ;-) With the exception if having to clean up the mess... it's usually something I laugh at... :-) Let me know when you put the ice cream container back into the cabinet that has the bowls in it (instead of the freezer)... yep. done that. ;-) Loved the slide show... Springs Sprouts looks like something to bring us through winter with! :-) Of course... that Snow Day is super cute too...

  3. I was gifted this book for Christmas and I am looking forward to reading it. Happy New Year!

  4. Sounds like you might be seeking Serenity?

  5. Sadly, I have days like that, usually when there is already too much chaos going on and my family is driving me nuts, lol. Loved the slide show and Bonnies new BOM, looks like a fun one to do.


  6. Thanks for showing beautiful quilts this year.
    Have a happy New Year!! :)

  7. It's so nice to know I am not the only one who does this, Anna! Now to think of the right word!!
    Happy New Year!