Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Warrior (Thank you, Veterans!)

This past weekend was packed...too much for one blog...or I would be writing for hours and there wouldn't be any quilting going on, lol.  I finished my November UFO, WIP, PIGs project.  A kit I purchased from the Dorr Mill Store  called Frosty Mugs.  Due to poor planning on my part that worked out ok...I didn't lay the project out well and ran out of space at the my bird's legs had to be left off and she had to nest right on the snowball.  But, you know what...I like it better!

I found this old iron board at a local antique store and decided it would be perfect to hang quilts.  The other adjustment I made to Frosty Mugs is...I couldn't use the big piece of red wool for the backing...such a waste in my wool hoarding mind.  So I bought a piece of Wooley Flannel, backed it on one piece and envelope sewed a second piece which meant I could skip the binding step :).

Saturday was the PJ Sale at the The Stitchin' Post.  Discounts started out at 30% + 5% added if you wore you PJ' all about it on Humble Quilts...and on her post you will see me in my PJ's, lol.  Some people showed up in their regular clothes which begs to consider that...they don't own any PJ's!

A handful of girlfriends stopped by for coffee and scones before jumping into the shopping.  Here are a couple of Fabric Stalkers with their Addie Turbo bills!

After shopping...(and yes, I did find something I absolutely needed.  3 pieces of mouth watering wool, some needles and then there was Twigs which I HAD to purchase some candles.) Robin and I took the dogs for a walk (they ran) in the woods...they whined all the way there...Are we there yet?

Today I stitch with the Material Girls...I have so missed them as my schedule has kept me away from this wonderful Monday group.  I can't wait to see what they have been up too.  I have been secretly working on my Dresden Plate Challenge which is the 2014 group challenge for the MG' be revealed in April of 2014!

Thank you Veterans for your sacrifice and all you have contributed to our peace of mind!


  1. Hooray for you for completing November's UFO SO early! Cute too! The ironing board is a great idea as a display for colorful works. the photo of you in your PJ's...Now I want a cute pair too!

  2. Anna, you are a busy lady...Frosty Mugs is adorable, I have that project on my to-do list and I have an old wooden ironing board too. It will likely be one of the fun projects I will make after we move back to Canada. I'm sEw stressed about this move. I will be glad when it is all behind us. At the moment we are procrastinating! We have not listed the house yet...but the months are flying by so fast...I am starting to have panic attacks...mild ones but I am sure they will change to major as we get closer to moving. Have a wonderful day with lots of fun stitching! Pauline

  3. Ok, #1....Oh my....we ladies at our age without PJ"s? Oy.
    #2...the boys look so excited to go in the car and I love Robin's boy....all sitting nice in his car seat! :o)

    Next year I hope to be in town for it......well..maybe not since we will be doing the Happy Girls Dirty Half again, the previous weekend. Ah heck..I just need to find a good job so I can move back. :o)

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Some of us don't own PJs--I have a nice selection of nightgowns, though, thanks to my daughters! Ii have one flannel one with cardinals on it that would be perfect for a PJ party! However, they can get drafty if you're going to be standing outside in the cold for very long.

  5. I love your snowmen! I'd wear my pj's~ they are comfy! LOL Have a great day!

  6. You are inspiring me to get back to finishing my frosty mugs. I agree about wasting the red wool, I found a nice red homespun to back mine with. Your bird looks lovely nesting on top.

  7. your stack of snowmen is so cute. I like the bird just the way it is.

  8. Your snowballs are cute on the ironing board, I need to make mine still.


  9. Love your snowball woolie! So glad those that do not wear PJ's, threw on some needed to focus on shopping and that would have been VERY distracting....just sayin. :)))

    1. I would have been too distracting!

  10. Why is Brim sitting in a booster seat? He's six years old and can sit without one!

  11. I loved your snowmen stack and didn't even notice a thing about the bird. After I was done with my woolie flannel backing it dawned on me what you meant about envelope style! I can't sew a nice closure though without is being very noticeable.
    I was so happy you invited me for coffee and scones! It was a fun start of the day.