Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Arms Are Longer!

Saturday was spent shopping!! And my arms are longer from lugging all the purchases! We hopped the Max and headed across the river to the Portland Gift and Food Festival.  A convention sized event filled with gifts plus liquor and food tasting.  I brought HH home some candy, a rug that is supposed to keep Enzo's wet and muddy dirt out of the house and some Christmas gifts. I don't know about you but I am shocked at how fast the time is flying by...Christmas gifts???? really????  It won't be long before we start the 12 days of Christmas Give Away!!!

After lugging our loot back home we headed to FABRIC DEPOT!!!!

Every weekend there is a sale of some kind.

Yes...this is my cart.  This weekends sale was 30% off flannels which required me to get the fabrics to make my little grandson and nap time quilt when he is staying with us.  After all it is a requirement that there be a special quilt at nana's house!

Lots of new bold prints in keeping with the Modern Quilt movement!  Are any of you traditional quilters able to embrace the Modern Movement also? 

This coming weekend the sale is 35% off all fabrics!!!  At least that is what they told me...unfortunately,  I won't be able to go since I am on the other side of the mountain which is a different kind of blessing.


  1. That is why I bring Bill, I let him carry everything, lol.
    Don't tell me how fast it is coming, I am laid up and it is
    driving me nuts, I want to sit up and sew.


  2. Buggers...was hoping the 35% off sale was the weekend of the 22nd...are you coming up for the Rusty Barn (???) Quilt and fabric show?

  3. My mixed blessing is that I've been so tied up in house stuff that I missed the latest quilt show, which was terrific according to my friends. Now that I'm in escrow--soon to be two escrows, which is like being pregnant with twins--it's time for some serious packing, sorting, purging, and all that. Maybe by Christmas I'll actually be able to sit and sew, if my nerves haven't self-destructed by then!

  4. Flannel is sounding oh-so-cozy right now. Today my first great grandson was born!!! He must have a nana quilt too! (Pictures on my FB site, just saying... :0))