Tuesday, November 19, 2013

MG's, Sue Spargo & Tonye Belinda Phillips

Yesterday was my Material Girl day and I almost thought I should have had an adult diaper on...because I laughed and laughed and laughed!  I imagine that non-quilters would think a quilting group is made up of quiet, sedate women...stitching and worrying about the perfection of their stitches.  Well, that is not the MG's!  As the year winds down the topics get funnier...and so the year discussion on whether to stuff or not stuff the turkey turned into a discussion of a Turducken...which morphed into speculation of what was going on that the duck and chicken ended up inside the turkey?  The answer...Engastration!!! which just sounds nasty! LOL

I hate it when I miss the MG's because that means I might be missing some enlightening discussions!

Hey Gail....Pris is stitching one of your designs!

Sue is working on some hand quilting

I found out there were a couple of MG's who were registered for the 

Suzette was working on an I Spy...and  boy is she working fast!

Catherine was hand appliqueing one of the Pacific Rim Patterns...beautiful.

I hope you enjoy the slide show of Sue Spargo and Tonye Belinda Phillips creations.  I apologize for any duplicate photos.  Also you can stop the slide show anytime to take a closer look at the stitching.  Although I am a Prim kinda gal I really wanted to learn some stitchery from Sue to use in my own prim projects and to step outside the box with Tonye.  Tomorrow I will have a slide show of the students work so you can see what an impact these 2 women had on the group!

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  1. Lots of beautiful work, hoping to get a project together so I can work on it today, but also have the baby coming soon, and had to get other things done first.


  2. Very talented group. All the work is beautiful! ~Roberta

  3. Lovely photos as always Anna, I love the collaboration of these two talented ladies.

    I particularly like seeing the baskets done in both wool and cotton.

    Makes me motivated to get back to stitching my leaves from the workshop I did earlier this year with Sue.

    Thanks for sharing these lovely artists works with us.

  4. SOME DAY...I will be lucky enough to take a class with Sue Spargo! I tried getting into a class in Calgary, Alberta but they never have any openings because it's filled by the same gals year after year...sigh!

  5. Hi Anna, I was out blog hopping . . . looking for inspiration. I am a new-bee quilter and I must say that I appreciate your Nov 15th post. I just finished my first quilt (last night) a Christmas gift for my oldest granddaughter, age 7. I am looking for tips, inspiration and encouragement. I have two sister-in-laws who quilt and have visited your Sister's Quilt Show twice now, maybe I'll hitch a ride with them next time. I had no idea how satisfying quilting could be, but last night when I put that last stitch into the binding . . . I felt so warm and complete just knowing that my little Abbey would be excited when she sees the embroidered horses and that it will be the hug that I can't give her from so many mile away :)
    Your newest blogging sister, Connie :)

  6. Now that I've caught my breath, that was amazing!! I can't remember seeing such beautiful stitches all in one place! Do they do their own quilting? That just is the frosting on the cake! Need to find a class with them or just one of them and a book and some thread and some needles, oh my!!! Can't wait until tomorrow now.

  7. Yep! Those ladies are SO talented and willing to teach the rest of us. Sue carries wondrous threads and wools online too...just saying... :0)

  8. What a huge turkey fry...
    Beautiful quilt work done by all..