Monday, November 18, 2013

Light Up My Life...

I enjoyed a mind blowing quilt weekend!  I have some slide shows to share with you but they will take me a day or so to put together.  In the meantime I'll start today's blog on the light side... because I am pooped! LOL  3 days at the the Contemporary Folk Art Quilting Retreat with Sue Spargo and Tonye Belinda Phillips was incredible.  I learned so much!  I was taking the class with 3 other Fabric Stalkers and 2 of them stayed over for the weekend...and it was a quilter slumber party!

The snow moved in over the weekend and the mountains were majestic, especially with the full moon last night.

One of the ways I calm and center myself is through mood lighting.  I have this candle burning at my kitchen sink...nothing like doing dishes with the scent of cinnamon floating around.

I like all kinds of mood lighting.  These are lighted twigs that you can get at JoAnn's and run on little battery packs.  I stuck a bunch of fake fall flowers with the lights.

and I couldn't pass up a candle called "cookie dough!" lol

This beautiful candelabra (I normally don't light it here) was handmade by Blue Spruce Pottery.  HH and I have been collecting their pottery for years both functional and beautiful...and they ship!

Tomorrow I will start showing photos of the workshop...but first I had to show you the latest project that Lori and I jumped into...feet first with our hearts wide open!  Stitch Society with Tamra!  What can I say...stitching fills my soul!  I hope you have moments that fill your soul :)


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Can't wait to see the slide show

  2. That looks like a fun project to do, wool is fun to work with. I have a few of the prim lights, those are nice since they look good with my prim items and still have a glow around the house.


  3. Full moon glowing over the snowy mountaintops...lovely! I tried to enjoy it last night but, alas, our sky was a bit cloudy so only got peeks. Mood lighting has been happening around here too. So pleasant and peaceful... LOVE the woolie stitched Hexies!!!

  4. All your lamps looks so different. Love it. Quilt looks so bright with attractive colors.