Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Count Down to Gobble Gobble...

The gang was all out yesterday...they are beautiful creatures but are considered the local freeloading landscapers, lol.  It is fun to watch their interaction with each other...much like human siblings.

I was soooo excited to get a package in the mail!!! I had ordered Santa and Elmer from  Wendy of Ravenwood Whimzies.  And she sent along a little stitched snowball!  I LOVE them Wendy!  You can go to her blog and you'll find the link to order her handmade treasures!

I have been working away at various hand projects.  I noticed that depending on where I put the buttons his expression would seem friendly or sinister, lol.  I have been stitching away at my Snowy Days since blogless Sandy shamed me into quilting it myself!!!  Sheesh...now it isn't going to get done real fast!

I made up my favorite cranberry sauce...I don't like canned cranberries.  1 cup of water, 1 cup of sugar, bring to a boil.  Add 12 oz. of cranberries then bring to a boil, lower the temp and cook for 10 mintues.  Add a couple teaspoons of orange zest and a couple of teaspoons of Grand Marnier...or more if you like.  Yummm

Then it was over the mountain...Mt. Washington was out in all it's splendor!

...and if you are like me...I can't get into a car without handwork!  My stitching isn't the best but I am blessed to even be able to stitch in a moving car.  4 tongues done...5 to go!

Today I pick up our turkey...are you a roaster, briner, fryer...or do you go out for Thanksgiving dinner?
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