Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Celebrate...Come On!!!

I'm celebrating for 2 I am definitely on a project rolls!  Yesterday was Woolies at QuiltWorks (slideshow tomorrow) and I needed a project to work on...digging through my pile I discovered this project from Under the Garden Moon.   This was definitely in the PIG (project in grocery sack) category...or, in this case freezer bag.  I know I am going to feel awesome when I hang this one up this Christmas.

The second reason I am birthday celebration which usually last the entire month of October has now extended into November!!!!  Since I hadn't seen some of the besties for a while I received 3 belated birthday gifts!!!

Anne from Cottons 'n Wool made the most adorable pincushion and included the cutest box of pins.  How did she know I was headed to the quilt store for some new pins!?  Thank you Anne...I know I told you already but I LOVE it!

I am all ready for my workshop which starts this Friday with Tonye Belinda Phillips and Sue Spargo...well, actually I am not ready at all because it is not Thursday night and I usually wait till the last minute and then start running around like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland...I'm late, I'm late for a very important least my fellow Fabric Stalker, Woolie, shopping buddy...who knows me best...gave me a bobbin holder filled with wool thread which will be perfect for our workshop.  Obviously she wants me to smell good in class also, lol.  Lori, you're a sweetheart...thank you for your friendship.

Then to top off the day...Blogless Sandy presented me with 2 adorable pumpkins she made herself!!!  When I got home I immediately placed them in my entry way to enjoy the rest of November.  

Today I am going to start organizing for my workshop which starts Friday...but I will also be putting together a couple of slide shows to share with you on Thursday and stay tuned!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful week already--the workshop will be fabulous, and I can't wait to see your pictures! I have a couple of Sue's books and would love to make a couple of projects from them. Maybe once I'm moved and settled. We'll see!

  2. Have fun at your class with Tonye and Sue, can't wait to see your pictures of the class. I'd love to take a class with them together one time.

    Your snowma is going to be a wonderful winter addition to your home.

    I love those donuts, I have two filled with Aurifil threads that I use in appliqué. My wool thread bobbins are stored in a different manner in rectangular box with a lid in colour families. I then usually put the colours for one project in a separate box.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Happy Belated!! Looks like the gals treated you they should!! Love the new project!

  4. What wonderful friends to treat you after your bday.


  5. that is going to be a cute snowman. wow! what great gifts especially the wool thread.

  6. Happy belated birthday fellow jb. I, too, love to celebrate for the whole month. Have a fabulous time with Tonye and Sue (how could you not). I'm so jealous. Hey - if anyone wants one of the donuts filled with Sue's wool thread (26 different colors) - we make and sell them. They can let me know (I could bring some by the retreat) or buy them from Etsy or Ebay. I love having so many different colors all in one self contained unit. "Woolie Wounds"

    Can't wait to see your show and tell at next jb mtg. enjoy!

  7. Cute gifts!~ happy belated too! I love the snowman! And the wool threads look like a lot of fun!

  8. You are SO loved Anna! I am trying to finish the wall hanging I started in the SS/Gwen Marston workshop LAST Autumn. I'll try for completion this week... Just love wool but don't have a "Woolie" friend here in the valley to spur me on!

  9. good for you!! now you have 2 months to celebrate!
    l hope to see the slideshow also!

  10. Love that pattern and the background wool.. I have not seen this one.

    Fun birthday presents! I was wondering if you all were coming over for the Home Spun and Holly I know. Nope...have fun at that workshop.

  11. Happy (continuing) birthday to you! Love the wool mat your working on.... and what brand is that wool thread? Looks like it has a little bit of every color a gal could need. Looking forward to your slide shows!

  12. Your friends know you well. :) Love the snowman! blessings, marlene