Thursday, November 14, 2013

Catch Up ~

I spent yesterday catching up...on a lot of little things.  I had to straighten out my sewing room because a couple of the Fabric Stalkers are spending the weekend here.  We are all attending the Tonye and Sue workshop at 5 Pines and it was just easier and more fun for them to stay here than drive back and forth for 3 days to Bend.  Soooo, HH and I had to get our paperwork for the month all done and filed away so the table top was cleared off...and, I had to clear the ever growing pile of WIPs (works in progress).  

The thing about putting away WIPs is that when you drag them back out you have to reorient yourself to the project and to where you left off.  I spent an hour making bindings for 3 different projects before putting them away.  I actually like to make the binding ahead of time so when I am ready for's all ready for me! lol

Tuesday was Woolie day at QuiltWorks and it was as wonderful as ever...except we were all missing our JoAnn!  who was at home taking care of a bum leg.  We missed you JoAnn!!!  When you have been stitching for as long as we all have there is a big hole when someone can't make it...we all have to readjust where we sit, lol.  It is funny because in whatever group I am stitching in...everyone has their spot.

Blogless Sandy (Anne started calling her that...because we think she should have a blog filled with inspiration)  Had a boat load of show 'n tell...between her and Anne we just felt like we had been stitching in place, lol.  I love this photo of her...can you believe she is going to be a grandma!!!  And look at those adorable snowballs!

Enjoy the Woolie slide show...tomorrow it's the First Friday QuiltWorks Gallery slide show!

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  1. I truly enjoy your slide shows. Thanks so much for sharing. And yep Sandy is a doer..

  2. Lots of wool goodies, wish I had more time to make things for the holidays. I seriously want to make things all year, this year, but after Christmas the drive sizzles out, lol.


  3. Having overnight guests is always the nicest reason for clearing one's "untidy" areas. After completing my SS Tree wall hanging (today! I'm determined!) I have about 5 projects lined up to do. YIKES! Enthusiasm is NOT always a good quality to have... :0)

  4. Fun and please tell Sandy (noblog) that she is a smart gal - she is wearing her Beaver sweatshirt...and g-ma? way to young for that.

    Tell your friends to bring their snow boots...looks like you are going to get some on Saturday...almost thought of coming over to stay with Carrie but will pass on that now! Actually taking my son to another college on Saturday.

  5. The bow on the last two photos look 3D - how cool is that!!!