Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Calico Cat Honolulu Hawaii

The Calico Cat  is located on Oahu and was easy to find with my phone navigator.  Only a few short miles from Waikiki.  Although a small shop it is mighty and at first glance may appear daunting for an average sewer to tackle...but, for a die hard quilter...piece of cake!!!  

Carol, the owner was about the most accommodating shop owner I have come across...even keeping track of how much time some of the customers had on their parking meters!  There was a constant flow of shoppers and you could tell that they were grateful that Carol continues to provide for the local quilting community.  As the shop owner upstairs says...they don't have much in the way of quilting fabric on the island.  Be sure when you do visit to head up the small stairs to the gift shop...she also has a few blots of fabric, and a whole lot more to offer also! 

Real estate is tight and expensive on the island and so every square inch of shop space is filled with items you may need.  Least you be frightened by the piles, rest assured that Carol is bringing in new fabric and that she knows where everything is located.  The real puzzle is how she gets to her little cubby where her register and cutting table are located????  I am thinking there must be trap door leading to an underground tunnel and every morning she just appears behind the counter ready to assist you! LOL  Enjoy the slide show and added it to your island vacation stop!

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  1. Cute! I would love some of those leaf buttons!! Was wondering what you bought until you finally told us at the end....

  2. Looks like a great shop--I especially love the button bins! (I may have a problem with buttons...) However looking at the projects on the walls I realized why I can never live in Hawaii--it has no autumn, winter, or spring. I can barely tolerate SoCal for the same reason--at least there are hints of seasons here, and I'm close enough to drive to get my seasonal fixes!

  3. My girlfriend Debbie told me about the shop but I never made it, maybe next time.

    I did go to Kaimuku Dry Goods which was incredible and Anne's Hawaiian Quilting wasn't far from my hotel.

    I'm also drawn to those leaf buttons, looking forward to seeing your Shashiko project.

  4. Wonderful shop and lots of fun things. Love the snowmen piece and I did find it online, that would be fun to do.


  5. Very nice. I had found a couple of nice quilt shops and some very pretty quilts when we were to Hawaii. I bought a pattern with turtles that I plan on making some day. Turtles are to bring good luck. I should get at it since it had been such and unlucky year. It's fun to find such a nice shop.