Monday, October 14, 2013

Honey, I'm least part way...

I was sooooo ready to come home!  Hawaii is a paradise for those on vacation but it is no paradise if you have to live and make a living.  Honolulu was just about overwhelming for me but I enjoyed spending time with my sister and aunts.  A bonding vacation.  I missed you is interesting that I have never met most of you but feel a connection to the blog and the quilters who take the time to read.  As I made my way through the days I would file different stories, photos and events to share with you.  

I am in Oregon and as soon as I stepped off the plane and could breath in that crisp fall air I was in my own paradise, lol.  With no internet service and TV I am writing the blog at this absolutely lovely Japanese Cafe, "Behind the Museum Cafe."  They are opened early in the morning till late at, I am sipping my Perrier as I decide how to share the stories of the last week.

When HH and Enzo picked me up at the airport I was greeted like I have been lost for a lifetime...HH knows that Fall is my favorite time of year and he had purchased a grouping of pumpkins at the Farmer's sweet!  Then my grandson came over and we gathered up some Fall leaves to scatter around them.  It was in the 80's and muggy the whole time I was in Honolulu...I do love my seasons!

The next morning I dived back into my sewing!  Setting my little Janome Jem at the dining table I began sewing the 64 blocks together that I made at the Fabric Stalker retreat.  It is going to be a very lovely quilt with a variety of indigo and Asian prints.

I made it home in time for my oldest GS's cross country meet and little GS is an awesome cheerleader, yelling "GO!!!!"

Big brother has loooong legs, lol

Needless to say...I am happy to be back on the mainland and with Fall in the air my quilting desires are shooting through the roof!  Is this your favorite time of year to quilt???

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