Monday, October 21, 2013

He May Not Be A Quilter....but...HH

...can sure put things together! We got to hang out with our youngest grandson while mommy worked and daddy stained the back fence. The job took 2 days and so we wanted to walk around the city with the little guy. Now we are not as fast as we used to be so we decided to get us a trike stroller to corral the little buckaroo. A million pieces, 10 pages of instructions and 24 steps!!!

Such a patient little guy!

Testing the partial construction out.

Now we are ready and boy did we have fun! We walked from the Cultural District to the Pearl District...and everyone love him!

I hate to admit it but I didn't get much done while in the city. 2 rows of my king sized quilt and the stitching on this candle mat. He needs eyes and then quilting. I am back home and ready to dive into my piles of projects! I heard that Christmas about 2 months away!!! Yikes!

Today I do not quilt but organize...the first step to being able to quilt...wish me luck! LOL


  1. That stroller bike is so cute, but I am wondering, what does he do with his feet when he is tired? I am cleaning, then I will work on some things, but getting in some biking before the cold sets in.


  2. Just back from vacation and SO missed reading your blog! I had bought an iPad just before departure so I could be in touch but the learning curve was too time-consuming when one is trying to visit with family...Now home for one day and then off to a 5 day quilt retreat at Silver Falls...Hmmm...I sound just like Anna!!! No moss growing on these feet!!!