Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

I am ever hopeful that I will get at least 1 trick or treater.  There have been times in our house history where we lived in neighborhoods where we bought bags and bags of candy and still ran out.  But, I fear in our growing our little town...with no street light...and the candy accumulation spread out...that we might not have a trick or treater.  (((sigh)))  

A new house is going up in the neighborhood.  The gossip is that it is a spec house being built for investment purposes and will go on the market when it is completed.  Anyone want to move into the neighborhood?

I finally had a moment to take a breath and unpack a box I had received.  I am so excited...a Go Dresden cutter...there will be no stopping me now!!!!  Especially when the Material Girls 2014 challenge is a Dresden quilt!

Like I told you, HH and I got our Shingles vaccine...but another Woolie reader, Jenny wants to remind you to get your Pneumonia shot also!  Since turning 60 this month I decided to face my age and do a complete check far, mammogram, ultrasound of my female parts, flu shot, shingles shot (already had my pneumonia shot) today is a Pap and I see a colonoscopy in my future.  Facing into the future of aging I am in charge :) I hope you will take care of yourself also...after all we have a whole lot of UFO's that still need completing, lol!


  1. You remind me to do the same...we both turned 60 this month!

  2. OMG, with that view, I would move there is a second! I was in your neck of the woods for 2 days in Aug. on our way to Crater Lake. DD and I stopped in at The Stitching Post and I was sooooo excited to be there, that I even hugged one of the employees!! DD lives in Portland, and we try to get up there from New Orleans a couple of times a year and try to see as much of the PNW as we can.
    I also turned 60 (last Dec) and got all that taken care of!!
    Happy Halloween!

  3. Once a year like clock work!! Got to keep 'er ticking!

  4. I would love to move in, lol. I got a bag today, but last year I got the two neighbor kids and rain this year, so doubt they will come.


  5. Oh, remind me again about those UFO's...sigh...I've done a few completions this year, but not on a monthly basis as we had challenged ourselves. I also am not a talented Flickr operator...

  6. Once again heading to the overdecorated mecca known as my daughter's house, where it's deliciously spooky and the T-or-Ts come in droves to be scared with burst of compressed air and haunting decorations! I'm even wearing my bat shirt! Need to get this year's flu shot, but the shingles and pneumonia were last year as were all the unpleasant tests. Now if the allergies would just stop already. I'm tired of sneezing!

  7. Congrats!! You are an inspiration in so many ways!! Am getting my shots !! Keep up the inspiration!!

    1. Yeah!!! we'll be healthy quilters together!

  8. I want that house! If only my family would follow us there! Sigh!!!