Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Finally Together

The Fabric Stalkers were due for the Fall Beach Retreat.  For us that means a drive over the mountain pass.

Naturally a stop for fabric shopping was a given, lol.  We decided our first stop would be at a shop that was "in the family."  A relative of Lori's owns

Val, Jane, Nancy, Robin, Irene and Lori

We arrived at our destination (Wilson's Beach House) the view was awesome, the ocean refreshing and we were together.  Over the next couple of day the weather turned into full gale force winds, rain, thunder and lightning...perfect quilting weather!
Enjoy the slide show of the quilt shop "Finally Together"

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  1. Man, I am still trying to recover from your Vegas trip...and you are off and running again! How do you do it?!! Wow!! I am impressed!'s retirement? haha SWEET, eh?!!

  2. Looks like a great shop, thanks for sharing yet another place to visit in Oregon.
    It has been storming all the way up to B.C. Great for creativity and good chats around the fire.

  3. That is a gorgeous view, looks like you all will have a wonderful time together.


  4. Did I miss where this shop is located? Stormy weather is great for sewing!

  5. Hey, which town are you in, Florence or Newport, Enjoy the coast it is always great for a retreat. Have fun and get some sewing in.. Sally