Thursday, October 17, 2013


A few years ago mom and I sailed the Hawaiian Islands...we barely made it passed Diamond Head before losing one of the sails which resulted in the need to anchor off of Kauai for repairs.  It was a 96 ft. sailboat with a working crew and a group of Elderhostel participants...most of who had never sailed.  Needless to say, we needed a lot of barf bags!  There were only 5 of us die hard sailors.  I remember one attorney complaining loudly that she spent a $1,000 to be miserable and would someone just kill her...I thought at the time that she must be very dramatic in the courtroom, lol.  Now, whenever I see a single sailboat I think of my parents and the strength they had individually and together and I hope that I have passed on those traits to my own children.

My sister and I were just about shopped out...who would have thought that I would go all the way to Hawaii to shop at a Costco, Ross Dress for less and a giant mall! To get a break from the window shopping we headed to the local Art Museum where much to our delight a show of Georgia O'Keefe and Ansel Adams was on display!  Oh how I wished HH were here...he would have loved this show!

Although I have been to the islands before I hadn't really done the vacationer tour.  Previously I had come to sail, run a race and visit my nephew.  But this time...with my emos (aunts) we wanted to be tourists.  Of course with the government taking a break from their jobs it meant we could not visit Pearl Harbor or any of the historic sites.  In that case we went to Luau!!! 

I got a tattoo....NOT! lol...but I did get to taste the waters of being a bad girl.  But at 60 getting a tattoo seems so...passe. 

There is something so surreal about being on an island.  The wonderful thing about being on this island is that I was invisible.  No one stared...after all I looked "local!" and it didn't even matter that I couldn't fit into a bikini because a lot of islanders are big people! lol  

I happy most happy being a mainlander...which means back to weight watchers I go! LOL


  1. Lovely pictures between the buildings Anna, I love how you can be away from the water but still have a view of it.

    Your first picture looks lovely in the black and white and I love your crescent moon in the last sunset shop.

    Great memories!

  2. What a great time! I was on Maui many years ago with my sister. Fond memory

  3. It is fun to be a tourist and see things that you hadn't before. Nice to hit a photo show with two of the best photographers.


  4. What a fabulous memory maker ...great photos, love the sailboat story (you were blessed with good parents and an adventurous spirit), good timing at the Museum with Georgia O'K and Ansel A. and if you were to get a tattoo, that one ain't half bad : )

  5. I got a tattoo at 50 and love it! LOL