Thursday, September 26, 2013


As HH told me when I took this photo...he and Enzo are at my mercy...ROFLOL...being made to pose for photos...and don't you think you have seen this very expression on Enzo?!  A man in pain will do anything just to get it over with, lol.  I told him to use his Chuck Norris expression.

yes, I did...just walk on by this fountain of chocolate in the Bellagio...sigh....

Ran into MJ on the strip and when HH asked me to get in on the game for a photo...well, in the name of fair play...I stepped onto the court!

...and won...oh yeah...who's your mama!

QUILTIQUE reminded me of Holly Hills in West Linn.  Full bed displays, wonderful vignettes throughout the shop and something for everyone.  Enjoy the slideshow and if you are ever in Vegas be sure to leave time for 
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  1. What fun! Your HH is a good sport. Has anyone else noticed that Chuck Norris and Homer Simpson could be twins? LOL

  2. LOL....and FYI...that is Kobe Bryant..:o) You rock.

  3. I was just at Quiltique yesterday to pick up some things I HAD to have. LOL Looks like you're having fun playing basketball. :O)

  4. LOL I had to giggle when you said MJ too~ I know you meant Kobe. ;-) Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  5. Great photos once again, you got game girl, but you have to use your game face next time. You looked far to happy, but I guess you did have the ball!
    Love the picture of the big spiders web at the shop, great idea for your front door at Halloween!

  6. What a fun show and love the photos, you two are both good sports.