Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Well our weekend in Portland was interesting as we settled into the new digs.  And, we wished we could have stayed longer but alas the doctor appointments are hard to come by and so back over the mountain we came.  And since the appointments started at 7 AM this morning this blog is going to be a list of thoughts...short & sweet...and for those of you who follow me on Instagram, some of the photos you have seen already.

1.  Enzo enjoys his view of the city and will poop in only one area of the Park Blocks.

2. If traffic is flowing it is exactly 20 minutes from my front door to Fabric Depot...which is like an acre of every fabric one could desire...and it was ALL 35% off!

3.  I purchased half yard cuts of these fabrics for a wall hanging that will cover an electrical panel in the Portland Digs...they are wonderful.

4.  Only in Portland can you buy a variety of fresh Kim Chee at the Farmers Market!

5.  Ditto for watching a guy fresh roast chili's which can be purchased on the spot.

6.  Farmer's Market doesn't just mean vegetables but bakeries abound...this one look fabulous but their cookies...not so good, best to ask for tastes before purchase. (these are donuts)

7.  hummm, we traveled 3 hours then went to the Farmers Market to buy cheese that is made in our backyard...from Madras...and it was delish!

8.  Looking out my window I enjoyed the most wonderful reality show.  I didn't see who parked this car but for the next hour it was so fun watching everyone's...and I mean EVERYONE's reaction.  From homeless, students, elderly to just plain crazy...no one walked by without stopping, looking, photographing, talking TO the car or talking about the car.  I couldn't leave my seat until I saw who would drive it off...and it turned out to be exactly who I thought it would be...an impeccably dressed couple coming from the museum...who needs TV when you have the world to watch.

9.  ...as I waited to see who would be driving the car off I had a nice snack of Farmer's Market baby orange tomatoes and when I took a photo of them I notice that I had picked the perfect glass ware to complement the snack, lol

10.  and last but not least...never, never, never take only one needle with you in your project box!  Always travel with 50 needles so you can avoid the stress of having to stop in a drug store and ask for needles...I really need them man...

Tomorrow is the Sit & Stitch at the Stitchin' Post...I know that Joyce and I will be there at noon!

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  1. Ohhh man...YOU have a wonderful life!! So glad that you are enjoying it to the fullest!!

  2. You are enjoying your retirement to the fullest.

  3. Ah....fun....I was walking 8 miles downtown and went right by Saturday Market and got home and told a friend that we need to go there sometime when she is in Portland and I was all ready to drive to Fabric Depot on Saturday and decided NOT TO...didn't want to fight the people...so went last night and I too was thinking how nice it is to be 15 minutes from there...able to go at 8 at night...woot woot...

    And ENZO....Really? Seriously? Come on...so many "trees and bushes" in the park blocks...what is up with that? LOL

    Silly puppy.


    1. Sooooooooo glad you and HH are enjoying your retirements. Keep on stitchin' and people watching.

    2. Sooooooooo glad you and HH are enjoying your retirements. Keep on stitchin' and people watching.

  4. It is nice to be able to go to the city and enjoy having things close by and be close to family. Love that car, and the farmer's market is something I wish we had in our area.


  5. I saw that same guy roasting chilies--and I'm from Houston!! While visiting here we checked out 2 Farmers Markets and per your advice, also went to Fabric Depot.
    I should have been better prepared for that stop:)

  6. Oooh Fabric Depot....The thing I miss the most about living in Portland, and moving to Michigan.

    1. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time, Enzo looks mighty comfortable.

      Love the Buttermilk Basin patterns, thanks for the chance to win-

  7. Life in a city surely differs from that in a small community, eh?

  8. Enzo is such a beautiful dog. What a great way to spend some time.