Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Winner & Withdrawals

True Random Number Generator  Result: 3 ...and #3 was Paulette!  Well...what I do know is that Paulette will get this project done before me!
I was having major withdrawals from my quilting life this past week and finally cried uncle!  I told my sister I was going to go to my Woolies group and then meet them afterwards for dinner.  The big issue was...what was I going to work on at Woolies???  I didn't have anything prepped!  I got up at 0530 in the morning having tossed and turned the entire night...solving the issues of the world...dreaming weird dreams about giant telescopes...what the hey???  You would think a quilter would dream about quilts...but no, my mind was consumed by weird stories, most of which I can't remember.  I hate that feeling of waking up with a sense of unbalance...yet, you can't remember what was making you feel that way.  I do not need Salvadore Dali type dreams!!!  The real world in challenging coming home and finding the bachelor bucks (landscapers) have been nibbling on my tomato and pumpkin plants.  They have changed their path of travel because Big Oscar and Little Oscar are on vacation...and Enzo needs their reinforcements to maintain order in the neighborhood.  I have been telling him that I think they speak French and he needs to say, "Hé, les cerfs stupides arrêter de manger ces plantes!"  Instead he just watches them.  Anyhoo, I digress....
When I went up to check out what I could take to work on at Woolies I found Block 11 of the 2012 Primitive Gatherings BOW was almost stitched.

Now when it comes to my wool projects I save every last piece of scrape.  They have come in handy.

Blogless Sandy said every little scrap can be used on future you can see my leaves for Block 12 are a variety of scrapes.
And so I got Block 12!!! prepped just in time for Woolies!

Be sure and stay tuned for Friday when  new Give Away sponsored by BJ's Quilt Basket will be posted!


  1. That is a great project to work on and something relaxing while you chat with your friends. I usually get those dreams when I eat something bad, lol.


  2. YAHOOO!!! Did you hear that one coming from north of the border?!!!! Love this pattern! Thank you so much, Anna!! I will be making this one for sure...maybe a little SEW A LONG happening?? Think about it!!
    Your Evelyn's Album is looking great. I looked and looked for the red flannel for the background for this quilt...then I saw it done in beige!! EUREKA! I loved that way too!! SEW many little time!!
    Thanks again!

  3. i had weird dreams last night, too - but mine were because the Big Lilac Bush is being over-watered by the neighbor's swamp cooler and he/she (Big Lilac) was trying to get through to my brain via the dream route ... needless to say, i woke up early and moved rocks for an hour to try to redirect the drainage ... and now all i want to do is go back to bed ... maybe the drain water wants me to speak to it in french? how do you say, "Back Off, Buckwheat!!!" in french?!?

  4. You just crack me up... Your writing skills compete with your quilting / stitching skills.

    Glad to hear you are getting back to your quilting.

  5. WOW, what a cool block to work on!!! I have not done any wool quilts, but this looks like a fun project!!
    I have weird dreams every night since I was a little kid and usually remember them all, exausting!!!!
    Take Care!!!

  6. I second that Anna - I save every little scrap! Wool is too expensive to do otherwise. :) blessings, marlene

  7. I save all the little wool pieces too. It is surprising how handy they are to have.

  8. I love your post and the give away is awesome. Hope I win! Have a super day!