Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Fun & Give Away Countdown

I hope you enjoyed the weekend because I sure did!  My sister and her besties are in town which meant I got to share in their fun!  But was BJ's BOM and I had my blocks done!  This had better turn out to be a spectacular quilt because I have another 32 blocks to make before Sept.!!!  So much for BLOCK OF THE MONTH!!!  It should be called GAZILLION BOM!!!
I couldn't believe it but I showed up with my camera and no photo card inside!  So I only got a few photos with my phone.  I did see this cutie!  A 3 dimensional pocket would be great to make in Christmas fabrics as an Advent calendar!

so cute!
I did take some photos of the BOM that some of my Fabric Stalkers had to make this month.

This first set is by Nancy. Second set by Irene.  And the 3rd set by Robin.



Yesterday we had a gathering of some girlfriends.  Some from Napa and some from Central Oregon.  We caught up on the life changing events in our lives, like...marriages, deaths, moving, children, movies, books, travel...just the most soul filling conversation.  Then this big flying thing interrupted the conversation!!!  It was so big that Enzo was intrigued. I had never seen such a bug before?! But, a couple of the girlfriends knew right away what it was...a hummingbird moth!  It flew like a hummingbird and had a long needle nose that sucked the sweetness out of the flowers.  Click on the photo to enlarge...have you ever seen anything like this???

Well we have 2 more days till the Give Away.  Just click on the link, leave a comment that you are interested in the pattern and if you would be so kind to be a registered follower...that would be great!


  1. Sounds like a fun way to spend the weekend.
    The kids came over both days so I got to enjoy my sweet little guy and that is all I need:)


  2. Hey...I have seen those moths...who knew that they were Hummingbird Moths?! I just thought they were extra ugly moths!! I have a new found respect for them!! Thanks!
    Love the blocks!

  3. Love the BOM blocks! I've been tricked by the hummer moth too. :-) Have a happy day!

  4. Nope. I've never seen nor heard of such a creature. Very interesting.

  5. Who knew Enzo was a pointer! lol
    Hummingbird moths are really that you noticed one, you will probably see many more. Do a search for Sphinx Moth/Hummingbird Moth.

  6. Loving your BOM. Aren't hummingbird moths interesting!?

  7. I'm not even going to comment anymore about how jealous I am over all the fun you have. It's pointless, just pointless. I'm just gonna have to come out there one of these days and teach y'all some Folk Art Fusion, hugs some necks and laugh like crazy. Yep, that's what I'm gonna do. :)

  8. those pieced and applique blocks are so neat.
    I have hummingbird moths visit my butterfly bush all the time. They are pretty neat.

  9. Sounds as if you had a perfectly wonderful weekend! I've got quilters coming today to work on our Dear Jane blocks. Sort of the never-ending project!

  10. Girl time, beautiful moths visiting, and pretty blocks to see...Does it get any better?!