Thursday, August 15, 2013

Undercover Quilters & Last Day to Sign Up for the GIVE AWAY

I came across this list on the internet about 22 things you should NEVER do after the age of 50.  I am definitely over 50 and so had to google what #1 was...and I have to admit to #3 during my 50' for was unintentional, so doesn't count.  I am not discussing #19 and my girlfriend Colleen knows what we did.  As for #22...that is totally ME!  So tell me your story????
  1. Parkour.
  2. Jell-O shots.
  3. Karaoke after midnight.
  4. Karaoke after Jell-O shots.
  5. Trying to break a plank with your head.
  6. Mud wrestling (intentional).
  7. Crowd surfing to the mosh pit.
  8. Joining the circus. Joining the ashram.
  9. Drinking champagne from your son's girlfriend's shoe.
  10. Drinking champagne from your daughter's boyfriend's shoe.
  11. Drinking champagne from your own shoe.
  12. Xtreme bingo cruises.
  13. Collecting owls made of shells, frogs made of ceramic or lawn gnomes made of anything — really, really anything.
  14. Playing basketball in high heels.
  15. Throwing a wet T-shirt contest. Throwing a wet nightshirt contest.
  16. Getting publicly and verbally excited about the number of stamps in your passport, zeroes in your paycheck, capital letters before or after your name (unless they're H.R.H.), number of names on your phone-favorites list, number of people you could have married, the size of your acreage … or the size of your anything else.
  17. Explaining your personal role in the fact that your kids "never really got into any of that stuff …"
  18. Explaining your personal role in the fact that your kids got into an Ivy League college.
  19. Explaining your personal role in starting the rumor that Paul was dead.
  20. Single-spacing your Christmas letter.
  21. The Dougie.
  22. Giving up — never

Now back to some quilts!  The Undercover Quilters always have a wonderful quilt display.  Combining the love of reading with the love of quilting!  And their latest is, The Language of Flowers.
Don't you wish you were a part of their fun!

Enjoy their quilts and is the last day to sign up for the Give Away.  Just leave a comment on the Give Away link and be a registered follower.  Come Friday morning...we'll see who gets a head start on their Christmas Gifts!

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