Friday, August 30, 2013

The Cozy Quilt & The Continued Saga of the Camp Out

The biggest challenge of the camp trip was the yellow jackets.  Apparently the locals say this was the worse year ever.  The other weird thing is that although we were camped next to a meandering river there mosquitoes! Yes!!!  I am sensitive to mosquito bites.  We had 4 of these traps hanging around the campsite...outrageous!

No Jim and Robin aren't checking out a new libation...but rather a yellow jacket drowning in the cup.

of course I continued in my duties of defending the campsite...and Robin, who they seemed to have an unusual affection for, lol

and yes...with all the eats around the campsite it is a wonder that hornets & yellow jackets wanted to be here.  Of course with my efficient swing they didn't have a chance.

here is another great shot.  I was in the right place at the right time!

A final slide show from the camping/Buggy Barn Quilt Show/Shopping.  I googled shops in the local area and we found out that one of the shops was being featured in the Fall edition of the Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Sampler magazine!  The Cozy Quilt was filled with a variety of fabrics.  A former bowling alley turned quilt store!  I don't have any disclosures!  Can you believe it?!  Robin and Lori made some purchases but I seemed to have left without so much as a fat quarter.  Enjoy the slide show!

It's the beginning of a holiday weekend and I will be taking a holiday!  So see you back here on Tuesday with another Give Away!
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  1. The geese photo is amazing! Looks like a painting with the texture. I'd be tempted to frame that and hang it on the wall :-)

  2. We had that happen once, parked next to a nest, ugh.
    We are getting rain this weekend, messes up my plans;)


  3. Love the photo of the Canadian Greer, quite the action shot. Comgratulatioms!

    I'll have to check out the Cozy Quilter the next time I'm in the area, looks interesting.

    Enjoy yor long weekends last night we had a spectacular thunder and lightening and rainstorm for about 15 minutes and the it was gone. Sunny skies for Saturday and Sunday and warm temps. Hope you have great weather.

  4. You have a fabulous husband Anna...And most excellent friends as traveling companions. I was off to Ashland this weekend...NO quilting!