Friday, August 2, 2013

Quiet Time (& countdown to the Give Away)

In some ways it is "quiet time."  With HH camping in the woods I am left to my own pace.  On the other hand we have had over 1,000 lightening strikes in a 24 hours period on Wed. and another 1,000 on Thursday...which makes it a not so quiet time.  It is spectacular to listen to and watch but the outcome can be devastating. A majority of our lightening and thunder storms don't bring enough rain to suppress any fire. Some quilters live in earthquake country, some in tornado or flood country...we, live in fire country.  We lost one of our firefighters yesterday...a burning tree fell on him.  These guys are amazing.  Although the airspace is usually quiet around here. After a lightening storm the skies are filled with spotter planes and helicopters.  When a fire is spotted they air drop firefighters to work the fire where no road goes.  Two guys were cutting trees to make a fire break in the middle of the MT. Washington wilderness.  Bless them and their families. 
I have long learned when it comes to the boys in my family that worrying is a futile activity.  They live full and adventuresome lives...and so I quietly quilt.  While the storm came and went, came and went I sat on the back patio enjoying the activity.  The local landscapers were trimming all the bushes in the neighborhood.

edging the lawn
...and checking out the neighbors yard.

me, I chose to brew a nice cup of coffee, bring out some hand work and dog biscuits for Enzo...and enjoy the weather. 
Enzo has no fear of thunder and lighting and the deer have no fear of Enzo, lol

You can see the haze on the mountains from the weather and the smoke. 
...and if you look in the sky between the trees you can see the helicopter with the water bucket hanging below (click on the photo to enlarge).  They haul big buckets that they dip down into the many lakes, fill with water and dump on a fire.  The people that work fighting fires are a blessing to those of us here...we love them!
Today is the funeral service for the father of Lori, one of our Fabric Stalker's.  It is going to be a hard day for her so keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
Be sure and leave a comment on the Give Away Post...Wednesday, we see who the dog dish coughs up!  Have a wonderful weekend and we'll see ya back here on Monday.


  1. That is so sad, I love storms but they never do that kind of damage.
    Love the views from your yard, think I would just sit and relax and stitch the day away with you.


  2. Great photos of the deer Anna, our local news showed a video of a ?14 year old boy sitting on a beach being nuzzled by a young buck! He was rubbing his velvet on the boys head shoulders and back while his mom video taped it. Apparently he followed them to the car and was not aggressive toward them at all. is the link if you want to watch it.

  3. I like your landscaping team! I hope the fire or fires in your area are quickly contained. We`ve been lucky this year despite the lightening. I will pray for the firefighter who perished and his family.
    My son was a wildland firefighter for the NPS and BLM 17 years. Fifteen of those years he flew with a Helitack Team. He had to retire a few years ago because of injuries. These firefighters are something else. I was "mom" to a bunch of them several years ago. Every one of them are heroes. Thank you for your gratitude.

  4. Yes, these fires are scary. My older son is out firefighting right now and it is worrisome. Mother Nature has her down side...

  5. Our fires have finally abated, but we still have thunder and lightening...scary. The same landscapers come to my garden, but they are stealthy and only strike under the cover of darkness...LOL.

  6. Ok, I had to giggle about the local landscapers. :-) LOL I always keep the firefighters in my T&P's~ not an easy job for them or their family waiting at home. Have a good weekend!

  7. a short prayer for you and yours and the firefighters..

  8. I can not imagine all those lightening strikes, that sounds surreal to me. Blessings to the families, how uncertain it would be when your men went out on a call. How much do you pay your landscape crew? Poor Enzo, just imagine, not a teeny bit afraid of him, where is his self esteem? My son's dog would go insane and bark herself to death, probably dragging me down with her into the land of tired dog heaven if even one invaded our neighborhood. Just the local flea bags are enough for me, her breed is feisty, and she proves it every single day. Have a great weekend.

  9. being a firefighter out there seems far more dangerous than city firefighting (which is dangerous enough) because of the vagaries of nature. Your firefighters have to be extremely brave people. Love your landscapers and your comment about Enzo - too funny. Our landscapers are moose - even tho I live in a city, we are near a lot of large wooded areas and occasionally they come and check out what's happening!

  10. Enzo is one laid back boy what a sweetie! I'm curious as to what you are working on -- looks cute!
    Beautiful country you live in !

    1. he is a sweet boy for sure :) The little blocks are settting blocks for my 2011 Primitive Gathering BOW...I have got to finish it before 2014 or I'll melt with embarrassment!

    2. Thank you Anna!!! Give sweet Enzo a nose kiss from me!

  11. How nice of Enzo to allow your local Landscapers go about their business.