Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Double Trouble (last day for the Give Away!)

Oh do I have some catching up to do...a couple of weeks ago HH and I were in Portland and decided to have dinner in the Nob Hill District on 23rd street which is one of our favorites.  I ordered the grilled chicken...but...I really was taken by the grilled watermelon! Have you ever had grilled watermelon?  Well it is delicious!

It was a beautiful evening and HH was enjoying a fresh margarita...yum!

Back home the landscapers were really going to town!

I have NOT been quilting.  With my sister and her girlfriends in town...I have been playing!  But I had to show you the adorable clutch that one of her girlfriends made for me out of ultra suede.  She is a wonderful seamstress and has a business in Napa that sells ultra suede...and guess what...Sue Spargo is one of her customers...who would have thought?!  Love the circle that exist in the quilt world.

I woke up yesterday and realized that I have double trouble!  I did not get a UFO done in July!!! Which means I have to get 2 done in August.  Yikes, my August is cracking up to be busier than my July.  I dug through the pile and decided that this little cutie will be one of my two UFO's to be completed for August. All I have to do is layer, quilt and bind...piece of cake, LOL...I love it when I am so full of my self...which means I am really in double trouble, cause I don't have a clue what number 2 will be.

Last day for the Give Away cause tomorrow is garbage day, lol.  Just leave me a comment you are interested and if you would be so kind to be a registered follower!  Best Wishes that the dog dish coughs up your name!


  1. Just curious -- who picks up after the landscapers? And do they leave a lot of ticks around?
    You live in such a glorious part of the country !

    1. No one picks up after them. There are ticks in the woods but not where we are...not like back east.

  2. Your July UFO pumpkin embroidery is adorable. Good thing it will be ready for Fall!!

  3. Guess I'd better get busy on my UFOs...oh wait, the pinwheels count as WIPa ao I can work on them with impunity. Not that I have a chance of finishing any of them--but it sure would be nice to finish the tops and send them off to the longarmers to get them out of the way here! Getting this house ready to sell is very stressful!

  4. The little pumpkin embroidery is wonderful. Don't be too hard on yourself with the UFOs- there is always next month.

  5. The little pumpkin embroidery is wonderful. Don't be too hard on yourself with the UFOs- there is always next month.

  6. See you are a step ahead getting a new mini quilt done for Fall in the summer months..LOL enjoy your time no matter how you spend it.
    Life is too short to beat yourself up.

  7. What a sweet little stitchery...and it will be finished before Fall!

  8. I bet you will have that stitchery whipped up in no time! Not sure what I think about grilled watermelon!

  9. I really loved the "I done my best" stitchery patterns.. by Sandra ?! out of Utah I believe.. I wonder what ever happened to her and her patterns? I have stitched a lot of them over the years.. reminded me that I have a few of my own to make into pillows!