Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Full Week + Sarah Kaufman

I am beyond in I had way to much fun and wore myself out and am crawling to the next weekend, lol.  The schedule for Woolies was changed this month due to class schedules at QuiltWorks and so we met a week earlier.  When we arrived we met Piper, the new shop dog!  Cute as a button!!!

Mary brought her Civil War Quilt, awesome!
Barb couldn't get a stitch in with Piper around.
After Woolies I had dinner at Zydeco's with my sister and her girlfriends...ordered roasted cauliflower, grilled grits and half a roasted free range chicken.  The menu  is filled with absolutely yummy choices and my dinner had so much left over  that I made these yummy salads for HH and lI the next night!
I wanted to share a slide show with you of the most amazing pieces of art.  These quilted creations are the work of Sarah Kaufman, who is the author of Folded Log Cabin Quilts.  I love not only the creative piecing and quilting...but also the framing and displaying techniques.  Enjoy!

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  1. Great slideshow (as usual) and that food does indeed look yummy. Piper is adorable! I think shops need a pup or cat to make them feel homey, but then of course there are always people who are allergic. Thanks for a good break in my sorting/packing nightmare!

  2. I love that quilt and love the pup, lol.
    Wish I lived near you, you quilt with a wonderful group of talented ladies.


  3. That Civil War quilt is awesome - I hope you get a chance too post a picture of it in its entirety when it is completed

  4. Piper is ADORABLE!! SOO SWEET! ...and Thanks for another great Smilebox video! I love the way these pieces are finished and displayed! VERY NICE!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I loved this slide show! I'm visiting Bend next week. Does this exhibit exist for the public? I would love to see Sarah's work personally.

  6. I love the creative way that Sarah has explored the Log Cabin pattern. The framing truly sets them off...thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm anxious to see this exhibit. Is it at Quiltworks?