Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sisters in Sisters

Today is my last slideshow from the quilting adventure in Sisters 2013...and it is more personal, quilter to quilter.  I was blessed to find out that the house across the creek was rented by sisters on quilt retreat! For several year the sisters and their mother would come to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt, it is just the sisters.  They have learned that making this time each year makes life so much sweeter.  This was their first time in this particular house and within 2 hours of arriving they reserved it for the 2014 show!  They make it a week of quilt partying...they definitely help the local economy.   One night of each retreat they have steak and lobster!  And, last year they completed 20+ quilt tops on their Sisters Retreat. 
The things you notice right away is how much they love sewing together, how supportive they are prolific!
Robin, Gabby, Mary and Sue

I love these gals...they know the essentials needed for a quilt retreat, lol! 

I hope you enjoy the slideshow...they had fun sewing...and the best part...they are coming back next year!
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  1. Fun! I think this is the rental house that I was looking at renting in November when a group comes for the 1/2 marathon but we are doing to end up staying at Aspen Lakes as one of the gals' aunt owns a place there.

    These ladies were busy!

    Thank you for sharing the week. I noticed I ended up in one photo from Fiber Stroll...tried really hard to hide. :o)

  2. Hi looks like lots of fun!!!! I am always ready for that! Hey I am having a giveaway at my blog.. please tell all your "quilty" friends!

  3. Sisters! Whether blood or fabric related -- they are the best!

  4. That was the best slide show ever! The smiles on their faces is priceless.

  5. Those sisters are amazing! What fun memories they make to treasure forever--not to mention quilts!

    1. next year they said there will be another sister coming! Think what they can get done!