Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quilters Affair, Day 2

Lots of activity in the school house.  I am already plotting what classes I want to take next year!  It was fun taking a break from my class and wandering around...checking out what other fun quilts there were in the making.  I have to say that the "Best Friends" class was fantastic and I would recommend giving it a try...It was so fun to see all the "friends" start to appear in fabric!  I have Enzo's body and neck totally done and am now working on his head, lol...You'll see once I am done because for sure this project is NOT going to end up on the UFO pile!

Some of you were looking to watch a slideshow of June Jaeger's home and quilts?  Just click on this link...Log Cabin Quilt Works and enjoy! I visited June in 2011 and it was a wonderful place to create and her quilts were amazing.    

The slideshow today not only shows you some of the "friends" that were created in our class but a look at what was going on as I wandered the halls!

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  1. Hi Anna, where is Enzo in his hat! We're you too busy taking pictures? LOL, I'm sure he is looking dapper.

    I think I prefer the green background. The other on is lovely but I think it detracts from the lovely job on the dog.

    Great pictures as always.

  2. Another vote for the green background!

    So much talent! Thanks for sharing these pics as they are so inspiring! Infact... I'm going to go to my stitching room right now! lol!

  3. Lots of fun pieces and making animal portraits is fun with all the different fabrics you can use to get texture and movement.


  4. You have the class list for next year? I want...I want.

    Are you making us wait to see how you are doing with your "Best Friend" quilt?


  5. The "best friend" quilts are simply amazing. I need to find a class like that.