Monday, July 29, 2013


I could rant and rave about the fact that in actual quilting...has not been on the front burner for me this summer.  What can I say...a girl just wants to have fun!...and so does a boy, lol.  HH has been hiking miles this summer and bringing back the most beautiful photos.  Me, I do not hike the high lakes in the summer because mosquitos love in, want to be one with me.  My lips look like they have been injected by fillers and the bumps on my body is like a bad liposuction, I went to see Dr. Frankenstein the new plastic surgeon in town.  And so, I wait for Fall and then go to all the beautiful places HH has been all summer. As for what I am doing instead of quilting and hiking...I haven't a clue...I think I am trapped in some good time vortex.

Can you see the mosquitos in the photo!!!

Although there is minimal amount of quilting going on in this girl's hood...we did hang a quilt!  My anniversary quilt now has a special place in our bedroom.  It was a BOM I did through Sew Many Quilts, a combination of cotton and wool.
In the center block I carved with embroidery thread our names and the year we were married.

Just hanging this quilt has made me all excited to get a project done!  I have 2 more walls in the house which are saved for special quilts that are still in the WIP category!  I am hoping that I will have the blocks done before our beach retreat in Sept. so I can put the tops together!!!  What about you...are your dreams as big as mine???

I am starting my Fall Dreams by Joining Ravenwood Wimzies Fall Pin Keep Swap!  You have until Aug. 5th to sign up.  I so enjoyed the last one...and I love the pinkeep I received that I am soooo in again!


  1. Oh Anna - the quilt is lovely! I can only dream of creating something like that! Maybe some day. Thanks for joining in my Pin Keep Swap and for spreading the word!
    Have a great week!

  2. Mosquitoes--and fleas and other bitey bugs--love me too. It's like I'm wearing a neon sign that says "EATS" in bug-talk. I have some special quilts I need to get busy quilting on; but like you, I seem to find my time sucked into some alternate universe and before I know it I'm debating about "one more row" vs. "get to bed because morning comes early." Sigh!

  3. I made a promise to my self about a week ago as i was sorting threw all the top i have done that I was not going to make anything else until they were quilted, and mide you they are all kid size but i have gotten 5 done. Very simply but none the less ready to bind....yea!

  4. Oh Anna, this one is a beauty and love the names carved into the tree!! How special is that!! Looks lovely over your bed!
    Yes, I'm with you...I too want a few finishes to hang around the house!! Time...I need more time!!

  5. I don't have too much problem with bugs, but it only takes one bite to set me off, lol. I wear SSS spray and that really does work. If you have any scents, like your shampoo or body spray, that will attract them.

    Love how the quilt looks over the bed, I want to do one for my room too.