Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Best Friends with June...

Before I start talking about "best friends"  I first want to give all of you who are coming to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show on Saturday a heads up....guess what???!!!  Valori who has designed over 20 lines of fabric has a 1 yard cut from every fabric...in every line she has ever designed!  And realizing that she still has 100's more designs in her heart...she just can't keep on stacking those yards.  And so, she cut 1/2 yd pieces off of every single one and is going to sell them at her "table sale" behind the Stitchin' Post on Saturday!!!  Ya better get there early!

I will have more Fiber Art Stroll photos later this week...there is just too much to share...but, I wanted you to see the wire doll that came to live at my house.  Created by Marion I fell in love with her...I seem to have connected with this particular doll.

Best Friends, Enzo and Brim

Robin and I signed up for a Quilters Affair class with June Jaeger called Best Friends.  It is special on so many levels.  One of the best parts of this class, is EVERYONE showed up to create a quilt of their BEST FRIEND!  How wonderful, a class filled with that much love.  It is somewhat out of my comfort zone but I am truly enjoying myself.  We have dogs, cats, a falcon, steer, parrot...so many different friends, lol. Stay tuned...today we start creating with our fabrics!

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  1. Great photos Anna, I'm counting the days before I drive down to Sisters. It's been a few years since I've visited. Thanks for sharing some of goings on.

    Enzo is going to look great in fabric.

  2. Now that looks like a lot of fun! I guess that technique could be easily aplied to needlepunch and rug hooking too... has me thinking about it anyways. Love the Sue Spargo class sample too (this years' lol)! I sure would enjoy attending a class of hers!

  3. I love how Enzo is coming out, can't wait to see how it comes out in fabric, what a fun class.


  4. I love Enzo in the hat.. Can't wait to see him done in fabric. That sounds like a great class to take.

  5. I think that technique would be a bit of a stretch for me, but it certainly looks like fun! Loved all the pictures. It reminded me a bit of taking the "walkabout" afternoon at Asilomar, when you get to see what the other classes have been doing! So many quilts, so many techniques...