Monday, July 22, 2013

A Totally Modern Weekend

Trying to play catch up on the activities of July before August comes rolling around!  HH and I spent the weekend in was absolutely beautiful!  As we were coming home it looked like all of Portland spent the weekend in Central Oregon, lol.  Here is a peek of Mt. Washington...the snow is almost gone, which means summer is flying by!

A week ago yesterday I had lunch with Alissa Haight Carlton and Elizabeth Hartman who are the movers and shakers of the Modern Quilt Movement.  I learned so much from them and there is definitely an explosion of the Modern Quilt Guilds.  QuiltCon, the first ever Modern Quilt Convention in Austin Texas was so successful that it will be back in 2015!  I was able to take the walking tour on Modern Quilting at the Five Pines Resort with Alissa and Elizabeth.  Seeing the quilts hung among the trees was breath taking and next year I am going to seriously take a look at what is offered on Save It For Sunday!
Alissa, Elizabeth and Ann

 Enjoy the slide is refreshing!

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  1. I'm enjoying exploring modern--excuse me, Modern--quilts. To me it's closely related to the Mid-Century Modern trend in furniture and home dec, and harks back even further. I do plan to make some "moderns" but this year is all about the UFOs! Oh, and the pinwheels, of course...

  2. Lovely slide show Anna, the facility looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the pictures and experience with us all.

  3. So glad you enjoyed the modern quilts and can see their "draw". I've been bitten for a while now...Loved the setting for these pieces.