Thursday, July 18, 2013

2013 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, Part 4

Although it seems Sisters and Quilting are synonymous...there is a lot going on in the area.  The Cascade Cycling Classic started and Stage 1 was a 74 mile race over the McKenzie Pass, through Sisters and up to the Three Creeks Snow Park.  We couldn't pass up the opportunity to watch them pass through town since the turn was at the edge of our neighborhood.  The speed and precision was amazing!

Ahhh, and here it is, part 4 of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  I still have to catch you up on the Fiber Stroll, the sisters who come to sister every year and rented the house across the creek from us and the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner many awesome experiences!  But, for now enjoy part 4 of the Quilt Show.

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  1. Lovely photos Anna,

    I like the ones you took of Mary Lou's John C. Campbell quilt she is designing. It has changed a lot since I saw it at the beginning of June.

    There were many spectacular quilts at the show thanks for sharing them with us, I can't believe how many I missed seeing in person.

  2. That is quite the race, and more beautiful quilts, loved seeing them all.


  3. More inspiration overload! Now, why am I on the computer again instead of at the sewing machine?

  4. Looks likes the Sisters has gone modern!! Not too many traditional quilts this year. They are all lovely but you know me...looking for a little wool..homespun...civil war...
    There was a beautiful homespun Winding Way a few slide shows ago...she is still my favourite! Thanks for sharing...

  5. Love the little pattern you put up today. I love your pictures. They are so inspiring! Thanks! K