Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesdays Thoughts

It is a fact that we chose to live in Central Oregon.  We love living with the changing seasons and the astronomical amount of activity to be had here.  But, there is a down side...gardening is challenging.  For me it is not the kind of challenging that makes me give up on gardening...but, the kind that is ever hopeful each and every summer.  This month I got the "slap in the back of the head I should have had a V8" moment.

Here is my tomato plant.

Here is my sister's tomato plant!  This is the one thing about living in California I miss!

Anne had a problem with an embroidery project earlier this month.  When the fusible backing fabric started to lift she gently ironed it back down...this caused shrinkage of the transfer-eze!  She had to re-prep the project and there has been an ongoing discussion on exactly what could have caused this?!  The mystery may be solved.  I took 2 transfer eze projects to California in a plastic project bag and the same thing happened!  Apparently transfer eze is sensitive to heat...as you can see in the photo below The transfer eze shrank and my back ground is wrinkled.  I love transfer eze...just don't expose it to heat!  I will let you know how my rescue process worked out for my 2 projects.

If you enjoyed yesterday's slideshow of my friend Mary Ellen's vineyard, studio and quilts...you saw the incredible owl quilt.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take home a Giclee of the quilt and it is now hanging in my sewing room...and I didn't even have to make it!!!  Project done! LOL 

The next few photos are because of a request I received to show more detailed photos of our housewarming gift to ourselves.  For the last 3 moves we have made HH and I have given ourselves a housewarming gift, something special that we want to enjoy in the house.  As I have said before we are NEVER moving again and so this will be our last gift.  HH found this in a gallery in Tumalo which is a community between Bend and Sisters.  It is a wood carving by J Chester "Skip" Armstrong  We were lucky in that he was able to deliver the carving and HH had already made a platform for it to be set upon.  When he finds a piece of wood he want to work with he lets the wood expose the carving.  With this particular piece there was a smaller limb coming off the main piece...thus the smaller eagle!  He is an amazing artist and we feel blessed to have discovered this smaller creation at the Tumalo Art Works which I recommend as a must see while vacationing in Central Oregon.

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