Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Therapy...A dog has got to do what a dog's gotta do...

I was watching the nightly news and they had a segment on Service Dogs at the local college who are providing therapy for the poor students who are in the middle of their finals week!!!  I almost pee'd my pants laughing so hard...therapy dogs for finals week.  Give me a freakin' break!!! Finals week is supposed to be stressful, filled with days and nights of junk food...no sleep...heck I remember one quarter at the University of California, Santa Barbara where I didn't sleep for 3 days during final weeks!  Then I realized that I had a Service Dog at home although not for finals week...yes, Enzo who has never had a morsel of people food in his entire life discovered his calling.  He is now Wyatt's personal Service Dog...clearing up any morsels that fell to the floor.

Material Girls was a treat yesterday.  Honorary MG, Diane from Texas was visiting...which meant we had a mini show and tell.  That way Diane could see what we were up to since her visit last fall.  We don't just sit around eating and talking...we actually quilt!

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  1. Dogs are so great for floor cleaning, lol.


  2. I'm always surprised to see that someone else attended UCSB. So did I! It's where I met my first husband. Two of my children also graduated from there. And now I live in Oregon, too. Small world!

  3. Such a talented group! Oh, and the service dog - are they serious?! I don't know why kids these days are so wimpy! LOL!

  4. What a cutie Wyatt is. Isn't being a Gram great? Makes it worth raising those teens! I threatened mine with death or worse if they followed my example of marrying at 17. The first parent was 27! Thought I'd have to rent grandkids. I made a quilt of Max sitting in his high chair eating and wearing spaghetti. He would only eat red one summer.. Peaches, their cat, was feasting right under him. She ate well for several years until he got the hand mouth thing under control. He still has trouble with controlling the mouth but that goes with being 17. We've offered to tatoo 'think before you speak' on him but doubt it is he answer. No filter there. Thank you for posting the MG's - love to keep up. Radiation next week, in seclusion and hope to get some serious quilting done. Am attacking the UFOs.

  5. Wyatt and Enzo have a good thing going there! You too - clean floor?
    I love the quilts from MG and especially #14 - large print quilt. Do you know if that is from a pattern or did she design it herself? What a wonderful way to use special fabric.

  6. I don't get it...My partner's son, who is in college and had a final today was watching a movie on his laptop last night...HUH? Not ANYTHING like nursing school!
    Dogs are the scavengers of the inside of life like turkey vultures in the fields, although much more likeable!

  7. Well, it's all downhill from here. Enzo has eaten people food. Now he's wondering why you were holding back the good food?

    The quilts are fabulous.