Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Therapy...A dog has got to do what a dog's gotta do...

I was watching the nightly news and they had a segment on Service Dogs at the local college who are providing therapy for the poor students who are in the middle of their finals week!!!  I almost pee'd my pants laughing so hard...therapy dogs for finals week.  Give me a freakin' break!!! Finals week is supposed to be stressful, filled with days and nights of junk food...no sleep...heck I remember one quarter at the University of California, Santa Barbara where I didn't sleep for 3 days during final weeks!  Then I realized that I had a Service Dog at home although not for finals week...yes, Enzo who has never had a morsel of people food in his entire life discovered his calling.  He is now Wyatt's personal Service Dog...clearing up any morsels that fell to the floor.

Material Girls was a treat yesterday.  Honorary MG, Diane from Texas was visiting...which meant we had a mini show and tell.  That way Diane could see what we were up to since her visit last fall.  We don't just sit around eating and talking...we actually quilt!

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