Monday, June 3, 2013

Some Of My Favorite Things...

Over the weekend I indulged in my "favorites!"  Excluding family and friends which is always at the top of one's 3 favorite things are Quilting, Reading and Gardening.  And I spent the weekend rolling around in them like a dog rolls in grass.  Saturday was BJ's 1st Sat. BOM (slide show at the bottom of the post), then an afternoon of stitching with a few of the Fabric Stalkers...followed by a little early evening digging in the dirt and ending with a bit of reading.Here is a peek at my weekend.

Dale is going to be a grandma and is whipping up baby quilts!

her son and DIL are skydivers so the pig skydivers had to be included, lol.

Nancy is just about finished with her birdhouse quilt...don't ask me for the pattern, she designed it herself!

she also is working on another wool project and I really liked her stitching!

I didn't get photos of what the rest of us were working on...too much talking, laughing and eating, lol.

My flowerbeds are coming along, I had to pull some plants up that were dying and when I asked Robin's advice on why they were dying...she said Enzo was killing them with his Super Toxic Pee!!!  Now he's developing a complex because I keep yelling at him when he starts sniffing around my flowers!

The book I was reading is Ellen Degeneres' "Seriously...I'm Kidding." It says it is a New York Times Bestseller. I give this book 2 thumbs down.  I couldn't even finish it and was about 2/3 of the way through, hoping it would get funnier...or, just get something...I enjoy her show but I swear she must not have written this book. 

I think from now on I will dedicate Monday's blog to my favorite things, what  quilts I worked on over the weekend, how my garden it doing and what I am reading.

Enjoy the slideshow and excuse the blurry photos and the ones with lots of heads in them...there are a lot of us in this group, lol. 
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